Carla Stermer for Customer Ambassador Program

November 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Carla Stermer

What is your name and age? What UTI symptoms do you frequently struggle with, and how many UTIs do you experience yearly, on average?

Carla Stermer: Hello, my name is Carla and I'm 36 years old. The UTI symptoms I used to struggle with were frequent urination, having the feeling to urinate. Even after emptying the bladder, bloody urine and cramping. In 2019, I had between four and five UTIs.

How did you hear about Utiva? How have your symptoms/frequency of infections changed since using Utiva products?

Carla Stermer: After having so many UTIs, I started to look for supplements to see if I could prevent. I came across a blog called Stop UTI Forever, where they discuss different supplements including Utiva. I tried several but Utiva was really the one that helped with my symptoms and the UTI frequency, my doctor had recommended a cranberry supplement as well. Now, I haven't had a UTI since 2019 and every time I feel a change or like I may be getting one, I just take two pills for a couple of days and the early symptoms go away without the need of antibiotics.

What advice would you give to a friend struggling with UTIs?

Carla Stermer: My advice would be to ask your doctor about Utiva and really trust it because it will change your life after a couple of weeks of taking it.

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