US CKO _ Final

June 12, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Alexa Panzano. Hobie Sweet. BenSchafer. . Spencer Wilson. Carter Howard. Rachel Heuser. Jake Walters

What did you think about the 2023 Commercial Kickoff?

Hobie Sweet: I thought CKO 2023 and the recap to 2022 this year was great. Well worth the time with colleagues to kind of, you know advance connections that I've made over the past year as well as introduce myself to some others who I hadn't met in person yet. But most importantly get a refresher

What we can get excited about as far as product and innovations and how I can help sell better in the new year. I'm always looking to improve myself. I'm someone who I never think that I've reached the peak of my growth. I always think there's more I can do more I can learn. So CKO definitely a way to do that

Jake Walters: This year was super cool because we had a lot of change going on with Simon coming onboard. I was exciting to hear from him and see kind of what direction Syndigo is headed in for the future. So, um, that coupled with all

Alexa Panzano: CKO 2023 was nothing short of amazing. It was my first one. I was able to learn a lot, eat some really great food. And now I have a network of people I can now go to for when I have questions. So thank you Polly and Katie and looking forward to CKO in 2024.

What was one of the most impactful takeaways for you?

BenSchafer: The most impactful takeaway from me is I just think it was a reminder about the storytelling. I actually just don't do that enough. And I do think it's really powerful

Rachel Heuser: We often forget that we're speaking to other humans and they forget they're speaking to humans. And so I think adding that piece on storytelling and finding something that's relatable to both you and your client is such a unique way to build that trust.

Carter Howard: Storytelling and how to communicate with prospects I thought was extremely valuable.

Jake Walters: I think the most impactful thing for me this year was Syndigo's commitment to just making everyone better.

Spencer Wilson: That was really the biggest takeaway from me is that we're going to continue to be an innovator and a visionary in this space that we're in.

What makes this event different from others you’ve attended in the past?

Alexa Panzano: The collaboration aspect made this event different than others that I've been to in the past.

BenSchafer: It's the people, I think I think just the fact that it's it's Syndigo, it's my colleagues, its everyone really has the same vision and goal and passion around around what we do.

Carter Howard: I think that the sense of community and really the sense of family that Syndigo has really comes out at CKO

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