Syndigo PKO - Extended

March 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Arjan Herskamp, CEO, Calago (NL). Marco Flapper, Practice Director, Wunderman Thompson. Sean Linehan, VP Sales, DCC. Guenther Wilde, VP Professional Services, Abilex (Germany). Ishan Qureshi, Platform Director, Avensia

Syndigo PKO 2023

Sean Linehan: Back from Barcelona from the partner kickoff 2023 at the Hotel Arts on the marina there on the waterfront, fantastic location. Well chosen for me two days. Really well invested. I learned a lot about the Syndigo solution. Your go to market plans and your strategy and it was great to hear from Simon the leadership team about the great plans and the exciting plans that you guys have got for the remainder of 2023 certainly beyond

Marco Flapper: What excited me the most about the event in Barcelona was the opportunities we now have working together with Syndigo go as a partner, not only within the PIM area - PIM domain, but also when it comes to syndication and even MDM.

Sean Linehan: And I think there's an opportunity there for you guys to take a bit of a lead on that and build sales skills into some of the sessions using real case studies, working through positioning, messaging and some of the commercial discussions that inevitably take place as we move towards the end of the sales cycle. But listen all up a great event and

Arjan Herskamp: First of all, I think it was very well organized and the location was really, really nice. So I think that creates a good atmosphere an opportunity for discussions with the Syndigo team and but especially a lot with the partners. So I think it was helpful. We learned a lot

Ishan Qureshi: So it was a really, really good thing to have after many years and I recommend to have it every single year going forward.

Guenther Wilde: Hi all. Thank you very much for the very informative and motivating event in Barcelona last week. In addition to the professional platform and the people at all levels, the partner examples gave me the certainty that we are on the right track. I'm looking forward to our upcoming projects and to the next partner kick off. See you soon.

Sean Linehan: again from all of us at D D. C. Thank you, big thumbs up from us guys keep doing what you're doing because we love it.

How can we improve Partner Kickoff in 2024?

Marco Flapper: It was an all day session with all with all day presentations, which was quite challenging to have to attend all of them. May be better to to have some breakout sessions where you can decide which topics you are more interested in than others. You all covered a lot in one day

Arjan Herskamp: Many of the presentations had a lot of content, but also very full slides and I don't know if that was really helpful. At least not not for me and it's maybe also what I a little bit know from all the Syndigo slides. So you mean you have a great solution, but, if slides are too full, I think for most people it's difficult to keep the attention.

Sean Linehan: there at the hotel arts, you all covered a lot in one day and I think that probably needs a rethink perhaps a little less of a download and more interaction round tables instead of the school rows for me that typically works well.

Marco Flapper: Also, what was surprising to me is that there were no women speaking or presenting during that day. I think, as a responsible company also looking at the diversity and inclusivity, it would be great, and also to see more women in the Syndigo leadership team.


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