Dr. Pardeep Aujla for Symplast Testimonial

January 24, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr. Pardeep Aujla, MD / Owner, New England Fountain of Youth

What factor(s) prompted your decision to sign with Symplast?

Dr. Pardeep Aujla: I'm Doctor Aujla at New England Fountain of Youth. And today I wanna talk about Symplast. I've been using it for the last five years when I started my business in 2019. This was recommended to me by a plastic surgeon. I looked into it and I compared it to various other um emrs available in the market. I was very happy what uh the Symplast has to provide at the time and I have been using it for the last five years and it has been great. It is great for recording the medical data. It is great for taking pictures, automatic uh uh appointments, uh online, you name it, it has it and I'm very, very pleased with it.

Since signing with Symplast, what has been your experience?

Dr. Pardeep Aujla: I've been using Symplast since 2019 when I opened my med spa. I'm very pleased with the, the services from Symplast. There has been many updates uh in the last five years and always for the good to make your workflow better. I am pleased with the customer service. There's always somebody available on the phone. You don't have to wait for hours or days. Uh As for today's standards. Uh that is very important for me in that if I have a problem, there is somebody to resolve it right away. I'm also very pleased with the Symplast University where all the information is available. If you want to refresh your memory or change your workflow, you can always review at Symplast University. And even if after that, if you have questions, uh there is a team to help you. Symplast is the best. Don't think twice. Get Symplast for your med spa.

What pain points has Symplast helped you resolve?

Dr. Pardeep Aujla: When I started in 2019 with the cla everything was good. There were some things that needed improvement. For example, it was not easy to make packages and uh, keep a track. However, with their various updates, I'm very happy now. I love how I can make any package in a minute and follow through. And uh, it's has made my life very easy.

How is your practice different today from before signing with Symplast?

Dr. Pardeep Aujla: I've been practicing medicine for the last 20 years and I've used various EMRS. Um, so I have my favorites, but in the terms of med spa, I opened this in 2019 and this was the first EMR I started and I'm still in love with it. So I can't recommend anything else because there is no need to go anywhere else besides slat because it gives everything you need.

One of Symplast's defining traits is the fact that it is 100% mobile. How has this particular aspect affected your practice?

Dr. Pardeep Aujla: New England Fountain of Youth was started in 2019. At the time I was a solo practitioner. Symplast made my life very easy because I had the app on the phone, on the ipad. So wherever I was traveling or at home or at work, I always had my schedule and my patient's information available so I could help my clients whenever they called after hours. Uh if they had any questions or if they wanted to exchange their uh pictures of the prognosis. So it has always made my life easy. And even now when I have stuff and I'm working around, I don't have to worry about that. I'm not in the office. I can always uh have my work flow with me.

How has Symplast improved your patient experience?

Dr. Pardeep Aujla: One of my favorite features of, uh, Symplast is online scheduling and automatic reminders. My clients love it because, uh, they can schedule whenever, um, they see the open, open slot at their own time. And this had also made my life easier.

What are your favorite features within the Symplast App?

Dr. Pardeep Aujla: One of my favorite features at the Symplast is the the picture section. You can compare the pictures, you can upload the pictures sent by the patient. You can take pictures for follow up and all that is recorded nicely with the dates and that is very helpful and I love it.

For other practices contemplating becoming a part of the Symplast family, what advice or insights would you offer based on your experience?

Dr. Pardeep Aujla: I recommend Symplast to the existing spas and the upcoming spas. This is a great uh platform. It has everything you need to run a spa business smoothly. The scheduling is great. Patient information storage is great and uh there are many other features. Uh you can be very creative with it.

Finally, how would you rate Symplast's customer support? Have there been any stand-out team members or experiences?

Dr. Pardeep Aujla: Symplast as customer support is awesome. Uh I never had to wait more than five minutes uh to talk to somebody and that is very important and that is a great service these days. So I recommend that you will not be disappointed.

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