Dr. Kim Westbrook for Symplast

February 08, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr. Kim Westbrook, Physician / Owner, Ascent Med

Dr. Kim Westbrook: I am an OBGYN physician and started up my own brand new medical spa and tried out all sorts of different patient management systems. We did online tutorials trials and in the end, we decided on Symplast, we're very glad that we did. Uh one of the big things that it had that we liked is that there's a patient app that's very user friendly that is already developed and we didn't have to start fresh. We also like the fact that we could move forward with insurance based care if we decided to do that in the future.

Since signing with Symplast, what has been your experience?

Dr. Kim Westbrook: Uh The onboarding was actually quite easy. The support that we had from everybody just to learn the system and work through all the things that we needed for our individual practice was super helpful. Um It is a system that is very user friendly, quite honestly and it's um been quite rewarding to work with it. I will say that the support team that they give you when you do have questions are extremely responsive, which has been a huge plus.

How is your practice different today from before signing with Symplast?

Dr. Kim Westbrook: we are a brand new medical spa that was just getting up and running for the first time when we signed with Symplast, so it is 100% different. Um but we do fully implement everything that Symplast has from uh using it on the clinical side to using it the app on the patient side as well as the SymPay program and it's all been great.

One of Symplast's defining traits is the fact that it is 100% mobile. How has this particular aspect affected your practice?

Dr. Kim Westbrook: I think this has been a huge part of this program for us. I work as an obgyn physician and I still work in a hospital setting as well as over at the medical spa. So being able to just get on the provider app at any time on my phone to see my schedule or follow up with a patient has been incredible. The communication that I can do from a provider app to a patient app has been really remarkable for both my perspective as well as my patient's perspective. One of my favorite things is when I'm out and about in the community. And I see somebody that says, oh, I've been meaning to schedule with you. I can say, oh, let's just do that right now. I pull out my phone, I get on the app and I add them in and I can schedule them right then and there so that they don't have to wait for the time being right for them to call. Overall the mobility of this app has been really incredible.

How has Symplast improved your patient experience?

Dr. Kim Westbrook: I think the biggest thing that Symplast allows for is really easy communication and access for the patient. The patient app is really quite user friendly. It's been really helpful. From our perspective, I can send the patient a consent form or any legal document. I can send them an invoice and we can have really good communication. The other thing it has is a HIPAA compliant chatting function that we can utilize and it saves those chats in the chart. So if any of us are trying to figure out what conversations we had in the past, we can just pull it right up. And I think that's pretty beneficial for us.

What are your favorite features within the Symplast App?

Dr. Kim Westbrook: I like being able to get on to my schedule and follow that along as well as every other member of the team. I like being able to access the charts easily. Like a accessing all of the documents. The media function is great. One of my favorite things that we really wanted was the ghosting feature that you can do with photos so that our before and afters are lined up with the appropriate angle and proximity. So it's been a nice piece. But really, it's just how user friendly the app has been for all of us.

For other practices contemplating becoming a part of the Symplast family, what advice or insights would you offer based on your experience?

Dr. Kim Westbrook: When we first were looking into patient management software systems, it seemed like a lot of them were saying they could offer this and they could offer that. And it was very overwhelming to be honest and we ended up settling on Symplast and we're very glad that we did. There has not yet been anything in this system that I have thought. Oh my gosh, we made a bad decision. So the first thing I would say is I haven't regretted that decision yet. Um The support has been incredible. So that's one of the things that I was always worried about is, well, what if you spend all this money and you move forward with it? And then you're left here on devices if things aren't working out well, we have a support number that we can call the majority of the day and someone has always answered and always been able to answer a question which has been pretty impressive and just needing those answers right away is important because we don't have time to wait for someone to call us back within a few hours. So I think just know that if you choose this system and you have experiences like we do, you will always be supported and you'll always have help with whatever it is that you need to do.

Finally, how would you rate Symplast's customer support? Have there been any stand-out team members or experiences?

Dr. Kim Westbrook: We have had excellent customer support since we started with Symplast, we had a great onboarding team that really allowed us to move forward very quickly and efficiently. Just how we needed to for our own situation since we left the onboarding team and have now been more in the production side. We've been using more of the customer support phone line, which has been awesome. So we call and every time we have been able to speak with someone immediately, they've been able to solve our problem and then or guide us through whatever we need and then they send us an email immediately, making sure that we also have it written out whatever it is that we needed. One of the best parts about this system so far has been that they really have been taking our recommendations and it seems like it trying to improve the app and the program significantly. So it even over the last four or five months has improved with customer feedback and the changes they've been making

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