Dr. Elisa Stein for Symplast: Onboarding Testimonial

January 16, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr. Elisa Stein, Owner, Stein Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery

During your implementation, what aspects did you find particularly intuitive or user-friendly during the setup phase?

Dr. Elisa Stein: Using the Symplast program is as easy as using your cell phone or tablet. You're able to click through the software in very logical places in order to flow from one section to another.

Were there moments where you felt especially grateful to have a project manager assisting you?

Dr. Elisa Stein: My onboarding manager was essential to the process of getting started on this new platform for me. She was accessible, easy to work with, Um very pleasant. She was very knowledgeable about the software and made the process of transitioning smooth and easy.

Did your perspectives on aesthetic workflows evolve as you went through the setup and implementation process?

Dr. Elisa Stein: As I am currently transitioning from an insurance based to an aesthetic practice, I found that working with my onboarding team and using the software gave me ideas regarding packages, bundles and other things that will help improve my workflow.

How did Symplast's flexibility impact those views?

Dr. Elisa Stein: I believe one of the highlights of the Symplast platform is it allows you to transition from documentation to billing to revenue generation, tracking inventory and following up on leads. It even has marketing options built in that allow me to expand my cosmetic practice.

Could you share the perspectives of your team members regarding the implementation process?

Dr. Elisa Stein: Opening a practice, I am actually the only staff member and I feel that Symplast will act as an extension of me and function in many ways as another team member, which is one of the reasons why I selected this platform.

Overall, how would you rate the robustness and intuitiveness of Symplast's features during your setup process?

Dr. Elisa Stein: Every time I work with my Symplast practice app, I'm impressed with how many things are integrated, how easy it is to move between screens, how interactive I can be with my patients as a sole provider through the portal. And I'm very happy with my purchase.

For other practices contemplating becoming a part of the Symplast family, what advice or insights would you offer based on your experience?

Dr. Elisa Stein: In looking around at various EMR and practice management platforms. I was most impressed with the ease of use of Symplast. I've been very impressed with their customer service. I think that the program is very adaptable and customizable, which is great for a variety of practices. I look forward to learning more of the functionality as I spend more time using the software and I'm very happy with my decision.

What message would you like to share with your peers in the industry about the significance of a smooth and comprehensive implementation?

Dr. Elisa Stein: Melis and Michelle, who were the two members of my onboarding team have been wonderful to work with. They are responsive. They are timely. They're very knowledgeable about the software. They have been able to answer all of my questions, Um, quickly, I think the process was very smooth and I've been very happy after over 15 years with another system.

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