Dr. Brandyn Dunn for Symplast- Onboarding Testimonial

February 14, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr. Brandyn Dunn, Owner, Coastline Plastic Surgery

Dr. Brandyn Dunn: My name is Brandyn Dunn and I'm a facial plastic surgeon and I practice in Newport Beach, California. A little over a month ago I opened up my own practice called Coastline Plastic Surgery. And I decided to use Symplast as my primary EMR.

During your implementation, what aspects did you find particularly intuitive or user-friendly during the setup phase?

Dr. Brandyn Dunn: From the beginning, Symplast has been an extremely intuitive and easy platform to use. My background is in Mac. I didn't really use many PCs, at least personally, [I] use them, obviously, for, for business, but to integrate and utilize Symplast in my own practice, it's been extremely intuitive and very straightforward. And all of the components of Symplast have been extremely easy to set up.

Were there moments where you felt especially grateful to have a project manager assisting you?

Dr. Brandyn Dunn: Having a project manager has been extremely helpful. And the reason is, is because I'm a new practice. I don't have a lot of patients coming through the doors, but the patients that I do have coming through the doors, I need to get it right perfectly every single time. And so, having a project manager has been an excellent resource for us. We've called them and have engaged them many of times helping us with making sure that the quoting is going ok and the estimates and turning them into invoices and helping with getting templates for all of my notes. Um It's been an extremely incredible asset for our practice.

Did your perspectives on aesthetic workflows evolve as you went through the setup and implementation process?

Dr. Brandyn Dunn: Symplast already comes with a very intuitive well built workflow. And it was very helpful to use that and integrate that into our practice considering we just opened up our doors a little over a month ago. And this was a great foundation for building our practice on using this platform.

Were there any best practices shared by Symplast that you've found valuable and wish to adopt in your own practice?

Dr. Brandyn Dunn: There were several valuable best practices that my project manager, as well as the Symplast platform kind of uh provided us as we were opening up our doors and starting our own practice. So um several of them include consultation fees and helping to make sure that we acquire a consultation fee and how we use that and how we our touch, how our touch points kind of work with our patients. Quoting all of our patients has been extremely helpful in using the the platform that's already in place. Um just the overall workflow of using the EMR during a consultation to provide before and after pictures. It's been extremely beneficial for helping to convert patients from interested clients into surgical patients.

One of Symplast's defining traits is the fact that it is 100% mobile. How has this particular aspect affected your practice?

Dr. Brandyn Dunn: This is probably the main reason why I decided to go with Symplast is that it is 100% mobile. I don't need to have a hard drive. I'm a small practice just opening up and I don't have the capacity, the financial ability to kind of really build out an extremely um extensive network of computers. And so being mobile and being able to take it around everywhere. I work in several other practices. And so I can book patients from from afar or I can book patients in the office. It's extremely helpful to be able to utilize this mobile network and have everything accessible via mobile.

Could you share the perspectives of your team members regarding the implementation process?

Dr. Brandyn Dunn: The Symplast team has been extremely patient and has been really helpful with all of my other employees. I went through in the early stages to kind of learn all of the basics, the nuts and bolts of the platform and how to utilize it and how to implement everything. And then my team has been able to meet with Symplast multiple times to go over new problems and issues that kind of arise throughout the day and help to kind of solve all of those issues. So things run really smoothly. So it's been extremely helpful to have the Symplast team help kind of be on the ground with us as we build out our, our network.

Overall, how would you rate the robustness and intuitiveness of Symplast's features during your setup process?

Dr. Brandyn Dunn: The thing about Symplast is, is extremely intuitive. It, for me coming from using Macs for everything that I do in life. It's a, um, it's an extremely intuitive medical record system. It allows us to bring on new team members and, and it makes sense for them. And so everything about the system is extremely easy to access, it makes sense. and the workflow is just very intuitive for us.

For other practices contemplating becoming a part of the Symplast family, what advice or insights would you offer based on your experience?

Dr. Brandyn Dunn: I did a lot of research when I was looking into what EMR system to bring into my practice. I am, I'm a small practice. I'm the only provider and I have 2 team members that work with me and I wanted something that was intuitive, easy to work with, cloud based, completely mobile. And I spoke with several of my peers and they had spoken very highly about their experience with Symplast. And when I looked at several of the others and I looked at kind of the upper echelon and, and the entry level, I felt like Symplast was a really nice middle ground for me to start with. And I felt like overall, it allows me to do everything that I need to do and build an outstanding practice.

What message would you like to share with your peers in the industry about the significance of a smooth and comprehensive implementation?

Dr. Brandyn Dunn: I'd like to share with my colleagues and other peers that are considering using Symplast for their own practice. I think it's a great opportunity. And I think that it will allow your practice to do well. it's extremely intuitive. and it's extremely easy for everyone to kind of pick up and use. all of the workflow makes sense. And, and the team at Symplast has been extremely helpful in making sure that everyone is up to speed at my practice and making sure that if there's anything that does come up, it's very easy to work through.

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