Katie Webster for SymphonyAI Employee Testimonials

October 24, 2022

Welcome NetReveal!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Katie Webster, HR, SymphonyAI

Welcome NetReveal Colleagues!

Katie Webster: Hello NetReveal colleagues and Welcome to SymphonyAI! My name is Katie Webster and I have been with SymphonyAI for five years. I am the Senior Talent Coordinator here in California. We are so glad to have NetReveal join the SymphonyAI family to deepen our FinTech offering. While we know you'll be going through a big transition, know that many of us have gone through a similar transition when joining Symphony. Leadership is working with the best intentions to creating a winning formula while creating a strong sense of accountability and results. As Sanjay and the new executive team work to build a unified technology company, know that you're in good hands as an organization that has been designated as a great place to work in nine countries. Glad to have you on board and hope our paths cross soon!

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