Joslynn - Student Testimonial

April 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Joslynn, STEM 6+ Student

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your class.

Joslynn: My name is Joslyn. I'm in sixth grade. I go to STEM my instructor's name is Mx. Gomez

What’s your favorite part about Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village (SBEV)?

Joslynn: My favorite thing about the SBEV thing is probably the... it's probably the store because actually, surprisingly, actually has name brand things. I'm actually really surprised. I expected slinkies. I expect -- I don't know. I actually got more than I expected. I got slinkies. I got -- I expected slinky slappy bracelets, maybe a stuffed animal. Stuff like that.

What would you tell other students considering SBEV?

Joslynn: I would tell them to try it. They're definitely good.

What makes SBEV unique?

Joslynn: What makes it unique is probably all the choices of classes. Maybe, like, the store that actually has name brand things in it and pretty much that's it.

What attracted you to take this class?

Joslynn: Probably the... I wanted that I actually meant to do Robotics at my school and then we ended up coming here. It was just an accident, it was actually a mistake. Otherwise, I would have never have known about this place and came.

How did the class meet or surpass your expectations?

Joslynn: Probably the... It did because of... It did because Mx. Gomez helped me and I needed the help because I needed to know.

How did the instructor help bring the material to life for you?

Joslynn: She helped me. That's all I got to say. She helped me. Not even --

What was the most valuable thing you learned or experienced in this class?

Joslynn: The most valuable thing I learned is probably to code.

If you had a friend who was considering taking this class, what would you tell them and why?

Joslynn: I would tell them to try it because it's really nice and I love it a lot and I think that they would like it. It depends on their personality and how they like it -- how they like stuff like this.

What did you like best about this class or instructor?

Joslynn: I like this class a lot because Mx. Gomez was really nice and, even though there's people who are mean, but I like Mx. Gomez a lot because she can definitely be funny. Not really... It sounds like my dad trying to make jokes... My stepdad.

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