Lillian Bailey - Parent / Guardian Testimonial

April 25, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lillian Bailey, Parent Testimonial

What made you enroll your child at the Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village (SBEV)?

Lillian Bailey: What really made me sign my child up for the Sylvester Broome Center is because it gives my child the chance and the opportunity to engage with children her age and stay active and get her exercise and instead of just sitting around the house after school, she gets to go enjoy herself and be a kid and learn new things and discover new things. That's what made me sign my child up for the Sylvester Broome Center.

What’s your favorite part about SBEV?

Lillian Bailey: My favorite part about the Sylvester Broome Center is that it is a program that gives back to the community free of charge. It teaches the children things that they most likely wouldn't get on a regular day in school and also that it is very, very family oriented and that everyone cares for each other and looks out for each other and that's my favorite thing about the Sylvester Broome Center.

What impact has SBEV had on your student?

Lillian Bailey: The after school programs that has really had a great impact on her when it comes to the learning aspect, the reading classes and the math classes and I know last year they had like a homework study hall where the kids could go and get their homework done and as the year progressed, the school year, the teacher was saying how great she had improved in her reading and her math, from her after school programs. So that's one way the Sylvester Broome Center impacted her life greatly.

Can you think of specific ways that SBEV met your family’s needs?

Lillian Bailey: Yes! Like I said, every year that my child has went to Burton Glenn, she has attended the Sylvester Broome Center. I do know last year they provided the free fruits and vegetable. I forget what day it was on, but a certain day out of the week they provided free fruits and vegetables for families and gave out coupons and stuff for that. So that was a way that the Broome Center helped my family personally.

Do you have an example of when an instructor went the “extra mile”?

Lillian Bailey: Yes! Again, this was last year. I sat and spoke with the tutor that tutored the kids for like their homework studies and stuff and she wanted to know the key points of where Aliyah was struggling in her class so she could work with her during tutoring sessions on those specific areas. And I'm not -- I can't recall the woman's name but, that definitely impacted her in a great way and that's when a teacher went an extra mile for her because every time I spoke with Aliyah, she was telling me how that teacher makes sure that they really focus in on her reading because that's where my daughter was struggling at.

Do you plan to recommend SBEV to your family/friends?

Lillian Bailey: Yes, I do! I tell my family all the time to try to get their kids enrolled and tell them how good Aliyah is doing and how much she likes the program and how many different classes and opportunities that the Broome Center provides. So I am always talking about you guys and always giving references about the program.

Can you share an instance where the instructor had to resolve an issue you had at SBEV?

Lillian Bailey: I can't really say I have any complaints or anything. I had to speak with my daughter's instructors about how this is her third year attending and I don't recall any problems that I've had with the program.

What makes you feel valued as a parent/guardian of SBEV?

Lillian Bailey: What makes me feel valued as a parent with the Center is how at the end of their program, usually, you guys have like a performance and we get to see all the things that our children have learned and you guys kind of showcase everything that they have been learning in the program and in their classes. That personally is what makes me feel valued.

What can SBEV do to exceed your expectations further?

Lillian Bailey: I mean, the only thing that I would say to exceed the expectations that I already have, because my expectations are pretty high and you guys really, really meet all my expectations. The only thing that I would suggest if there was some type of transportation for the kids to get home, just because sometimes my schedule doesn't permit me to pick her up. So on those days she has to miss, which I know she's very disappointed about. So just if that could be something, even if it was something that the parents could maybe -- funding that the parents could maybe pitch in on or something. I don't know. That's my only expectation I feel that could be worked on. But other than that, I think you guys are doing a very good job! :)

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