Stacey Croucher Testimonial Video

December 28, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stacey Croucher

Why did you decide to work with Sydney?

Stacey Croucher: why did I want to work with Sydney and what drew me to her? Um Well, first of all, she's just a total joy to speak with in such a light. Um and I really found that when we first met virtually that she really held space for me in the most beautiful ways. Once I got to know Sydney, I got to really see the work that she has done for herself. She put a lot of time and energy uh in working with her own life coach and continued to do so while we were working together. And that really spoke volumes because I knew that I was getting some really proper and safe and knowledgeable support from her because she was getting that and learning that on her own journey with her life coach as well. So, um I knew I knew that I was in good hands, um I really saw how she had flourished in her own life with the tools that she gained through her journey and uh I knew that she was going to offer me the same

What concerns did you initially have?

Stacey Croucher: I think the biggest concern or worry that I had at the time was how I was going to financially afford the service. During this time in my life I had just closed my wellness business. So I had a loss of income there and there was a lot of uncertainty on how I wanted to move forward with my career and how I was going to support myself financially. Once I was able to talk with Sydney and see how she has worked with her clients through similar situations, I realized that this was an investment in myself. It was an investment in gaining tools to work through those fears, to work through the uncomfortable and to work towards reaching my goals. I'm happy to say that today I still utilize those tools because I'm met with all sorts of complex things, whether it's with work or whether it's with relationships. I utilize those tools to the best of my ability so that I can move forward that I can get out of my way and that I can reach my goals.

What advice would you give someone who's ready to Do the Heartwork?

Stacey Croucher: I think the biggest advice I would have for somebody who is ready to do the heartwork would be to bring in some compassion for yourself. This isn't easy work. There were lots of moments in which I walked through the anxieties and the fears and the unknowns. So I had to really give myself permission to be gentle with myself through this journey. So give yourself permission to go slow, to be gentle with yourself and trust that more will be revealed when you do, and always know that Sydney is just right around the corner to help guide you through any challenges that you may be facing or are scared to face. So again, be gentle. Go slow and trust the process.

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