Darrell Olson for Your Coaching Experience Testimonial Video

December 27, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Darrell Olson

What can you share about your experience with Sydney?

Darrell Olson: and I would say from the very first meeting with Sydney in which we did our first call together to see if she was a good fit, I just knew she was a person that could help me get there, and after a year and a half of working together, I'm just really excited with all of all of the discoveries that I had that were pretty mind blowing, um but great um that that just helped me get back to a spot where I felt like I found my North star north star again, uh and I'm living a life that's filled with more intention and more purpose um and I'm just showing up in great ways for myself, for my family uh and and for the job that I have.

What concerns did you have in getting started?

Darrell Olson: Um Life coaching, like therapy is uh it gets deep, it gets vulnerable, you throw it out there uh and you just have to have a lot of trust between you and your life coach um to make sure that they're sensitive, they're loving, they're caring, they're nonjudgmental, but they're also calling you out on your crap. Um And I just really felt kind of from the very beginning, Sydney was somebody that was going to create a safe space for me to show up in and be vulnerable uh and also to call me out on my crap um which we all need, and she did it in a loving, great way. Um And and so she really answered those concerns for me uh just just with love and that was beautiful.

What advice would you offer to someone who's ready to Do the Heartwork?

Darrell Olson: so my advice to anyone who's thinking about working with a life coach is to do it um because you have to have somebody from the outside of your life to prompt you um to ask the tough questions um to have a little accountability um to push you forward. Um And and to gently challenge and deconstruct some beliefs that you have and to gently lift you up and celebrate you um and to kind of move forward with those with those big growth moments. Um And so for any of you that are looking for it, do it um do it, sign up with Sydney, get that, get that phone call with her, see if she's a good fit and just go for it and jump in. It's gonna be hard. Uh and it's supposed to be hard and that's okay because it's through that work um through all that hard work um that you get the great results and so don't be afraid of the work. Um I know that you're gonna pick somebody who's safe, who's challenging in a good way. Uh and it's gonna be walking through you in that wonderful journey of life to become the person that you want to be, and it's just so worth it.

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