Kelsey Pearson: Video Survey of Sweet Bee Services

September 19, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kelsey Pearson

Tell us why you chose Sweet Bee Services?

Kelsey Pearson: We chose Sweet Bee Services as it was our first pregnancy and we were just really unsure of what to expect. While we have a loving and wonderful family nearby, we knew that it was going to be a process that we wanted to kind of manage on our own. But definitely needed some support.

How would you describe your experience with Sweet Bee Services?

Kelsey Pearson: Our experience with Sweet Bee Services was absolutely amazing. It really helped us to just get ourselves organized and prepared both mentally and then physically for myself leading into pregnancy and handling what life would be like postpartum with our little boy. I really can't describe it enough and I tell all of my friends that they need to too because having that extra support throughout the whole process was just really, really important for me as someone that really struggles when they don't know what's coming next or what to expect. It's just so helpful to have someone that has seen it many, many times and can help guide you along.

What kinds of things would you like to see in new offerings from Sweet Bee Services?

Kelsey Pearson: Something that was really helpful for us was the virtual sessions that we did with Leah just going through the birthing process. The different things to expect as well as what to expect throughout labor, the processes of labor. And even after that, and so I think, as I'm talking with friends that are now expecting soon and in the coming months, it was like, you have to go to a class, you have to like hear the process start to finish, like your spouse or significant other has to also hear that process. And so, I would definitely think about adding that as an offering, maybe even as like a, a side of just classes that either multiple people can jump into or maybe people can pay for just one on one or, you know, two on one. But just having that ability to be able to get that hands on lecture style understanding of what's coming and then be able to ask questions. It was really helpful.

How likely are you to recommend Sweet Bee Services to a friend?

Kelsey Pearson: I am extremely likely to recommend Sweet Bee Services to any friends that I have that are expecting. It was a game changer for us and the whole entire experience I would definitely recommend and have been recommending the services to anybody that's looking for a doula or isn't. and just is unsure of what's coming. I recommend a doula specifically and then also Sweet Bee Services.

Is there anything we did not ask that you think we should know?

Kelsey Pearson: Leah said it early on and I didn't really know if I thought that it was true, but she said that sometimes her male spouses are often the people that recommend the services the most at the end. And I would completely and 100% agree. My husband talks every time someone brings a pregnancy about a doula and his experience with Leah and Sweet Bee Services. And so I would definitely say that without a doubt, like those are who you have to be talking to. Those are people that should maybe have even specific like classes for them because I know that hearing that information, getting that one on one experience and hands on experience with someone was super, super helpful with him, both pre pregnancy and labor, but then also um in labor together with the that was like his go to person. And so I know that he'll probably have his own recommendation. But that's definitely something that I want you guys to know is that it really, really affects them specifically. So yeah.

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