Paige M for Customer Testimonial Videos

February 04, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Paige Midstokke

Could you describe how Svetness has helped you achieve your goals and What is the difference between svetness and other trainers

Paige Midstokke: So I've been using fitness for about eight weeks. I had a baby about a year ago and wasn't taking very good care of myself. It was really nice to have the accountability of someone showing up to your house. I've got a small gym in my garage and they made things work. My trainer was also really, really good about bringing in weights that I didn't have to make sure as I was moving up from 5 to 12, that there was an £8 in between. Um, I will say that it took some adjustments figuring out the right trainer for you. Um, but the customer service is incredible and they were really, really open to me, trying someone new to make sure that I had someone that was really going to push me, someone that was going to be reliable and that's gonna help me achieve my goals. I think it's really helpful for you to communicate with a trainer, anyone that's fitness, what are your specific goals and what you need from them? Because they are definitely looking to you a little bit to see what you're hoping to get out of this. Um, I think it's really about what you put into it, right? That's what you get out of it. And what I've gotten is really enough baseline strength that I feel confident to take on more aggressive hit type classes and exercises as a result, I've gotten better with my form on Rose and I'm really grateful for the opportunity and the fact that sweetness comes with that customer service element

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