Maricela Flores for Customer Testimonial Videos

August 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Maricela Flores

Please describe how Svetness has helped you achieve your goals and why you chose to work with Svetness?

Maricela Flores: Hi, my name is Marty. Um, I chose, um, Sani for the variety of trainers that they've been able to provide for me. Um, my trainer has been absolutely amazing. Any time I have any setback, she's been right there with me and helping me actually get through them. Um, figuring out a new way that I actually need to do my exercises. Um, she's always there for me to contact. Uh, she's been phenomenal in helping me trying to achieve my goal on being able to be a corrections officer. Just absolutely amazing what these people have done for me. Um, the nutritions, they've been, uh, very helpful. I had to dismantle my kitchen and they came up with alternative meals just like that. Um, in order to help me keep in with what my diet has needed to be.

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