Kenneth Ford for Trainer Testimonial Videos

September 12, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kenneth Ford

What do you like best about being a trainer with Svetness?

Kenneth Ford: Well, my name is Ken Ford and I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine trainer. I'm actually a master trainer for and I would say the number one thing, if I, I can only say one thing I would say actually the sovereignty and the entrepreneurial spirit that being a fitness trainer provides for me. I do love making my own hours. Um I don't like to be micromanaged. Uh and vet upper management always makes you feel like you're working alongside them. Um And so I really, really appreciate that I appreciate. Uh again, that word so comes up to be able to take on clients that are in a traveling demographic that works for me and to be able to say no to clients uh that are sent my way um that it is for whatever reason, distance wise, it isn't a good fit for me um without any uh punitive backlash or anything like that. Uh So that is really important to me and that was the most in attract attractive thing about it when I was being on board it, why I knew I was gonna say yes to the Veness family even before the interview was finished. So, um, yeah, I would say those are my primary primary. I think I said two, maybe three reasons. Um, and then after that, I do enjoy taking fitness to the client's home. Um, whether they have a fitness facility in a building that they live in or whether it's literally in their living room, um, that change of atmosphere from day to day. Um, and throughout the day makes for an exciting day as far as I'm concerned. So I'm really grateful to the fitness family for giving me this opportunity. And again, my name is Ken Ford National Academy of Sports Medicine Trainer. And uh, yeah, this is great as far as I'm concerned, I'm a happy camper. Thanks.

How has being a trainer with Svetness improved your life?

Kenneth Ford: So again, Ken Ford National Academy of Sports Medicine trainer, master trainer for vet. And the question is how has vet changed my life? It gave me the ability to leave a more structured type of uh 9-5 situation which I was looking to get out of and uh give me another stream of income, which gave me an opportunity to Leave my 9-5 and create my own hours. I, I think everybody wants that. I mean, I train a lot of people that are in the corporate environment and come out of the that corporate environment. And one of the things that's like a theme that I hear across the board with a lot of my clients is their work life balance being unbalanced, meaning much more on the work side and not enough on the ability to uh spend time with family self-care and all those kind of things and with veness because I pretty much can work as much as I like or as little as I like. I am able to have that really good synergy of work life balance or work to life balance. So that's the number one way that it has changed. My life, fitness has changed. My life is, it has created uh a revenue stream that allows me to dial up or dial down my earnings. That's completely up to me and have a really great work life balance. So I hope that is, uh, answers your questions. But that's one of the things that I really love and that's how my life has been changed the most is, um, yeah, I get to clock in and clock out, you know, hour by hour, how I see fit and set that up. So, thanks.

Describe Svetness in 3 words.

Kenneth Ford: The three words that come to mind for me in describing vet in home, personal trainer or personal training is honor, opportunity and flexibility. So I really feel that veness really honors their clients, but they also honor their fitness professionals. And I feel Out of every place that I've ever worked um in the fitness industry and I've been in the uh fitness industry for over 31 years. I really feel a part of the team and I feel as though my expertise is honored. So there's honor opportunity because it almost works uh like the Uber car service of personal training. So everything is done through the app. Um It provides me the ability to say yay or nay to clients. Um And really, really, they, they have a great uh platform, many different avenues for ongoing education. So there's that opportunity that is really, really, really good, uh great and sovereignty kind of sums it all up. Uh I love, I love that word. That's my new favorite word, sovereignty, but just the ability to choose, you know, uh to sort of be the captain of your own ship. Yeah, sure. I do. I have to be um accountable to vet. Uh but that's like 10% of it, the other 90% is I pretty much am navigating my own ship or my own boat. Um and basically vet vet provides the ship that I get to navigate if that makes sense. So I um yeah, that's what I think of when I think of, but it's also the three things that come to mind. So I hope that's helpful.

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