Jessica R for Customer Testimonial Videos

February 04, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jessica Rei

Could you describe how Svetness has helped you achieve your goals and What is the difference between svetness and other trainers

Jessica Rei: Hi, I just wanna share my experience with Sweetness. I've been using them for a couple of months now to help me find a personal trainer to help me with my fitness goals of being fit, um Having just more endurance and being stronger. I really love my experience so far and having them connect me to a personal trainer that works with my schedule. So early morning five a.m. meetings or training sessions and also someone who is there to um like the account manager who is there to just help me if I'm having trouble with a personal trainer, which I really don't. Um So really happy to have the support from the team and the personal trainer that is working with me on helping me with my fitness goals. So thank you.

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