Giancarlo for Customer Testimonial Videos

February 27, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Giancarlo

Please describe how Svetness has helped you achieve your goals and what the difference is between Svetness and fitness companies.

Giancarlo : Hello. This is johnny. Um Since we have uh started working out with the trainer that we currently have, we have had a really good experiences with it. Um It's a really good workout. We've had a good time, It's very convenient and easy. Um Once we got everything situated with our current trainer, things have been really good. Um The app is very simple to use. You can buy extra sessions if you'd like. I give it a five out of five rating.

Giancarlo : Hi since training with the company I have definitely noticed more strength. Um The best part of it of course is I have like a really good sense of well being after each workout. I feel very clear headed. Um The same with the the friend that I'm working out with definitely agrees with that and um what makes this different than with other companies is that they get back to me right away. Um They'll find you a trainer in your area ASAP and they'll definitely work with you if you need assistance as well. So um definitely nothing but good um good vibes with this. I have worked out with personal trainers in the past and they haven't been as consistent and I've with this trainer, it's been very consistent.

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