David T for Customer Testimonial Videos

February 04, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: David Tucker

Could you describe how Svetness has helped you achieve your goals and What is the difference between svetness and other trainers

David Tucker: Hello. My name is David and I've been using Fitness for a few weeks now. Um, Honestly, I was using an app based, totally app based trainer before fitness and it was working okay. But for me personally, I needed that extra motivation for my workouts each week and also a personal connection with somebody, not somebody that was halfway across the country. Um, so far, honestly, I've felt pretty good. My wedding is coming up in a few months, so it was really like pedal pedal to the metal. I was like, I need to hit work out hard and get ones that are healthy for me also. Um, for, um, health health wise, like in terms of eating trainer and also his fitness team has been really, really good about, hey, here's some ideas. These are things that might be good for you. Um, and it's helped me accountable not only myself holding myself accountable but also having someone else. Um, so I would definitely recommend it. Thank you.

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