Capral Case Study

December 04, 2023

Video Transcript

Marc Banks: Cool. So thanks Mark for agreeing to this um uh video case study. Um Tell me about what specific business goals or challenges motivated, you know, capral to pursue ISO certification. Oh, there's, there's obviously a lot of emphasis when it comes to sort of iso certification with uh some of our contracts, especially in the building construction sector, but also defense contracts where you require sort of quality management, safety and uh and environment as part of a sort of a holistic approach to any greater management systems. Fantastic. And how has ISO certification positively impacted your overall organizational strategy? So our ISO strategy is very much an integrated management system and looks at all aspects of our business and the way that we have sort of incorporated our iso certification into our internal audit structures and continuous improvement structures within the business. It's allowed us to be able to pivot and understand sort of the complexities, the data behind uh uh you know, where, where our business is and how to drive improvements across the entire value chain. Yeah, excellent. What are some of the key pain points or challenges uh cap sort of faced in the actual certification journey. I think, trying to sort of develop consistency across their business. We're a very large business. We've had quite a few amalgamations where we've bought businesses in the past. So looking at sort of different organizational structures and how to integrate that in across a uh an auditable framework was probably a little bit difficult in the early days. However, uh we've been sort of running an I MS philosophy for uh best part of 13 years now. So it's, uh it's very much ingrained within our organization and, uh, and, and uh, and a positive uh uh outcome of our, of our journey. Excellent, excellent. And have, have some of these, I guess, constraints or challenges, have they at all had any impact on your day to day operations at all? Well, yeah, yeah, they have, but uh all, all in a positive way. So I think, uh you know, the, as soon as you start developing a, uh I'll use it like a, a total quality management approach and integrate that as part of your audit structure, you're gonna get benefit from your certification because you're gonna drive improvements and you're gonna identify waste or, you know, uh lost time, all those types of things to be able to sort of create greater efficiencies. And that's where your ISA certification really uh really drives it. So when you think of the, some of the standards um and compliance requirements that you obviously have accountability towards what uh do you feel has the place of the great has stressed or been of the greatest importance um to your organization? Well, yeah, I suppose broadly broadly, you would say safety first, right. So our health and safety uh certification has always been our paramount. It's one of our core values for our business. Uh and it drives every aspect of what we do uh quality. On the other hand, you know, if, if, if you've got poor quality within your business, you, you, you know, you won't be around for a long time. Capital has been around for a very, very long time. And we pride ourselves on the quality and manufacturing uh consistency that we develop, deliver in Australia. And so those um those two are, are very much important to us. Um Our third one being our environmental, well, that feeds off a lot of other things that we do within our organization. And whilst we are not a uh he contributor to uh to environmental impact as a manufacturer, aluminum as a whole is. So when we go down the environmental path of the 14,001 certification, we do look at the biodiversity, the a species, the impacts associated with what we do, even the water stewardship associated with uh our operations and how to drive the environmental efficiencies. And that feeds off uh feeds into our anger reporting, but also our MP I reporting linked to the EPA and all those types of things so holistically, um our ISO certification covers all aspects of our business. Excellent. Um Tell, tell us about Mark, what sort of impact Iso certification has had on your organization's culture and values. II I think uh uh for me, I'm a data, you know, very much. I'm a data scientist more so than anything else, right? So, you know, when we look at the, the impact of those types of things um trying to influence sort of, I, I won't say not so much obstructive behavior, but you know, behavior where uh we've always done it this way because it works. And I think when you start looking at sort of data driven decisions towards a total quality management approach, it does ruffle a few feathers. You, you have to engage the stakeholders both internally and externally to be able to explain the systems in which you're operating and the system boundaries and trying to be able to sort of, you know, create efficiencies right through your organization people. Uh as a uh you know, can, can get a little bit sort of um um uh you know, protective of their, of their divisions or their building uh businesses at times. So communication is key and you know, using the data, using data to, to be able to drive the metrics that is required is uh is paramount excellent. Thank you for that mark. You know, you talk about um continuous improvement and the ethos of continuous improvement which you, you know, alluded to earlier, you know, how does capital really approach the concept of continuous improvement on a day to day basis? It is the ethos of our business. So we look at um being able to drive, we are the biggest um uh manufacturer, public company within uh within Australia of uh aluminum products. We have to look at efficiencies where we can just purely being a, an Australian manufacturer, which is very few and far between these days. So, especially on a large scale. So where, where we look at driving efficiencies, we will, you know, I identify behaviors uh and procedures and impacts um even, even at the uh you know, the ground floor level and we, you know, report that right up to the executive level on the board. And we talk about how we look at our, I use ESG uh framework these days as a holistic approach to our organization. Fantastic. And, you know, you talked about um have you had a lot of kind of resistance um en engagement of certification implementation? How have you managed the, you know, you know, our certification is, is understood to be uh uh uh you know, an essential part of their business. And you would say it's a requirement uh of, of what we do in the areas in which we play. So fantastic. And, and where do you see the next I guess evolution for capital? What um you know, you talked about sort of, you know, ESG a si sort of stuff is that where, you know, the next evolution from an organizational, you know, continuous improvement lies for you guys. So say that again. Uh Tisha. Um Yes, sorry. Um Just in terms of the next evolution for where do you, where do you see the next evolution in, in organizational change for capital? You know, it will definitely be the ESG uh landscape. So cap capital is a, a SI certified which is the alum Aluminum Stewardship initiative. It's about driving uh well, uh best practice across the uh aluminum value chain uh globally. So we are the uh the the first manufacturer extruder in Australia to be able to achieve that uh certification. So uh like that, that will continue to drive sort of the, the, the, the overall mantra of, of where we go as an organization and our ISA certifications are very much a feeder into the, the, the, the, the larger narrative. Awesome. Awesome. Um Can you tell us a little bit about, you know, where sustainable certification and the work you've done has really helped in, I guess, um you know, adding value and driving, you know, successful outcomes with sustainable uh certification as an organization has been a fantastic uh or positive, very positive influence on our organization. We've been able to sort of work with you as a uh as an auditor, uh understanding the complexities of our organization to be able to ensure that, you know, the way that we are uh going about our certification um does meet the, the the best practice requirements associated with uh you know, the ISO certifications. And I think um sustainable certification has definitely been a a AAA critical influence in that aspect. Excellent mark. It's been a pleasure. We wish you all the best um you know,

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