Izzy'z Master Class Testimonial

June 05, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Isabelle Stephes

Can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us how you came across AP Master Class?

Isabelle Stephes: Hi, my name's Izzy. I'm a junior and my mom came across the A P master class off of a Facebook group.

What were the specific challenges or issues you were facing before joining Master Class?

Isabelle Stephes: The challenges they faced. And some issues before taking the master class were navigating how to time management with the multiple choice questions and kind of not knowing what they would look like or what sets of questions would be on the exam and then how to set up document based que base questions and the S A Q S.

How has Master Class test prep helped you overcome those challenges?

Isabelle Stephes: The prep set up for me, helped me overcome those challenges by setting up some outlines for the D V Q S, the S A Q S and the L E Q and getting practice examples for all of them. So when I took my exam, I knew what to expect.

Can you share any specific results or improvements you have experienced since joining Master Class test prep?

Isabelle Stephes: Before taking the master class prep, I was planning on using three documents for my DB Q on my exam. And then when I had my tutor calls and I understood that you can use all seven documents in the same amount of time and get a better score. I did that and practiced it and I ended up getting a five on a practice DB Q and I think, understanding how to manage your time with them and to take small pieces from each one worked for me. And then also taking the prep course, I learned how to kind of read the college board's language and I didn't know how to expect that before.

How likely are you to recommend our Master Class test prep to others, and why?

Isabelle Stephes: I would recommend the test prep class because if you're expecting to get a three or higher on the A P exam or any A P exam, I think taking the extra time to kind of look at how questions are gonna be on the exam. So you're not blindsided by, it really was helpful and I would recommend it because taking that extra time out of your week for the exam in May really was helpful.

Would you mind sharing any memorable or standout moments from your experience with Master Class test prep?

Isabelle Stephes: A memorable moment I had from taking the test prep was with my tutor when I wasn't really understanding how to take context from, I think a time in history to how I was supposed to incorporate it in my writing. And he used an example from hockey players, knowing I played hockey. And it kind of helped me understand how I needed to have outside evidence and incorporate different aspects of the topic.

Do you have any additional comments or feedback you would like to share about our Master Class or your overall experience?

Isabelle Stephes: Overall, I think taking the prep course was really helpful and having one on one calls with my tutor during the weeks and having a weekly check in to kind of see where I was at in my prep was really helpful. And I think just seeing all the different DB Q S L E Q S and multiple choice prep before the exam was really helpful. And I definitely recommend it.

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