Valter Andersson

August 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Valter Andersson

How excited are you about where we're going as a business?

Valter Andersson: Where we're growing as a business and how excited I am. You know, with the, with the day to day grind of people in engineering, squashing bugs. People in design and product trying to think about, you know, user journeys. People in the customer facing teams going out and having tough commercial negotiations, helping our customers get the most out of our product... We kind of tend to get stuck into that day to day grind. And I think with Hub and with the Intelligence Cloud in the direction we're going for, I think we need to stop a little bit and think about the ramifications to this entire industry, So we have marketeers all over the globe. We're talking about millions of people working in marketing, just logging in and logging out to every single service using a wide variety of different tools to try to answer the question of how am I doing? Is this working? What should I be doing next? And with our current direction, if we can actually streamline that; if we can actually get to a point where whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever industry you work in - you can just log in, you can tick a couple of boxes and then you'll get the answer presented to you. Can you imagine how, how much we would end up changing an entire industry if we can get there? I mean, it's a very ambitious target to change the industry, but when it comes to marketing and marketing data, particularly, it's, it's not that well kind of defined as many other industries. So think about CRM. Salesforce is the de facto owner of CRM software, right? So Salesforce dictates how that field looks like. There are obviously challengers coming in, but we don't have that in marketing data. We really don't. We have it in data, in data pipeline and we have it in all sorts of data things, but they're not tailored for marketeers. So if we can execute an ambition, if we can actually get to the point where our ambitions lie today, everyone here who's watching this video, me included, we are in a position where we can change an entire industry. So I mean, how can't you be excited about the prospects of doing that? It's amazing. So I think our direction it's spot on, I think we're in a position to do something unique, something actually interesting and great, And I, I think we have the power to change an entire industry. So let's take a pause from the daily grind and think about that for a second. And then let's get back to the daily grind, and make it a possibility.

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