Noora Laitinen

August 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Noora Laitinen

How did you sell in your first Hub deal?

Noora Laitinen: So my first Hub deal was a cross sale case to Myle's portfolio, Myles had a call with the Sheets and Looker Studio customer and mentioned the new Hub features we have, The customer got interested. So we hopped on another call. We looked more in detail to the features the Hub includes. And I think customers' words were that This is a game-changer for them because They were already doing those things manually. So then they could use us to automate the reporting even further. And this was also the first time when I realized all the potential Hub has and all the different Upsell and Cross-sell opportunities it will open for us, but also the potential on the new business side and, what it can enable for us in the future.

How does this offering differ from what you previously pitched?

Noora Laitinen: So I think the most exciting part is that we are moving away from selling a product to selling a solution. So this enables us to cover more advanced use cases, but also will open a new market for us, which we wouldn't have um if, if we didn't have the Hub as a part of our offering now. And I would also say it strengthens our position in the market as now when Customers are looking for a right vendor, they cannot compare us any more apples and apples to the cheaper competitors because our solution is more than just a data pipeline. So we have a stronger position, when they're looking for the right solution for them to, to solve their marketing reporting challenges.

How excited are you about where we're going as a business?

Noora Laitinen: So it's very exciting to see the momentum we have at Supermetrics at the moment. But also the plans and initiatives we have for the company for the future. And from Product and Sales perspective, the plans we have for on our product roadmap are something that no one else offers on the market. So I believe those won't just meet our customer's expectations, but we actually exceed those. And that's the best position you can have on the market. So it goes without saying that that I'm very excited to see what we can achieve in the future.

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