Noora Laitinen

August 03, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Noora Laitinen

How did you sell in your first Cloud deal?

Noora Laitinen: So my first cloud deal was a cross sell case to Myle's portfolio. And Myles had a call with the customer. She's a Looker Studio user and I mentioned the new data transformation features the customer got interested. So then we had another call where we explained those more in detail and to see how we could help the client clients current uh reporting. And his words, I think where this is a game changer for us because they were already doing those things manually. And I think this was also the first time when I realized all the potential the cloud has and how it can open new Upsell and cross opportunities to our current customer base. But of course, also on the new business side.

What problem does Cloud solve for our customers?

Noora Laitinen: I think there are two things collaboration and then automating the recording flows even further. And those two also kind of ties together so many times our potential customers or current customers, they're already doing data blending or some custom calculations on the reporting platform, whether it's warehouse or whether it's a studio sheets B I tool, there might be different teams doing the same calculations for their own team. So when using our cloud solution, they only need to do the plans and, and custom field once and then the whole team can utilize those. And in general, it's easier to collaborate compared to using our separate sheet to look our studio data warehouse BIs or solutions. Now, everything is so to stay under one roof. So the collaboration from that perspective is also much easier.

How does this offering differ from what you previously sold/pitched to customers?

Noora Laitinen: I think the most exciting thing is that we are kind of moving away from selling a product selling just a data pipeline to selling a solution. And this enables us to cover more advanced use cases which also kind of opens a new market for us as well as new cross sell and Upsell opportunities, which we wouldn't have without the cloud. It also strengthens our position on the market and when, when having the customer cases, the customers can't really compare us apples and apples to cheaper competitors anymore because the solution is way more than the data pipelines. So this is also our advantage on when customers are, are comparing different providers and different product slash solutions when choosing the right vendor for them.

How excited are you about where we're going as a business?

Noora Laitinen: it's very exciting to see the momentum we have at the company and the plans, plans and, and initiatives we have for the company and also from product perspective and from sales perspective, the plans we have in the product road map are something that no one else offers on the market. I believe those will not just meet customers' requirements and expectations but will exceed those. And and that's the best position you can have on the market. So very, very excited to see what we can achieve in the future.

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