SuperBloom Talent Testimonial: Jessica Gagne

November 09, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jessica Gagne, Director of Account Management

How would you describe your overall experience working with Danae and MacKenzie?

Jessica Gagne: As a sales manager, I worked with a lot of recruiters over the years. And Danae and MacKenzie, I can say without a doubt, are the most poised professional, hard working recruiters that I've ever had the opportunity to work with. And they took into account over the six months that I built my team from scratch. They took into account everything that I was looking for, had a meeting with me after every candidate interview to get my feedback on why this person was or was not a fit and they shifted and adjusted their search accordingly.

Were there any challenges or unique circumstances in the hiring process that our recruiters handled exceptionally well?

Jessica Gagne: As I was building my new sales team, I was tasked with building a team from scratch um in an economy where people didn't really want to leave their jobs. There was a lot that was uncertain or they were unsure about and that could be a really hard challenge to walk into recruiting a new team and Danae and MacKenzie, worked through those challenges with ease and poise like I've never seen before, they took into account. What I was truly looking for and dug into that with me. We looked at companies that good candidates would come from and targeted them. Their approach to recruiting was so unique. in that they took everything into account. They were working around the clock round the clock to find the best candidates for the best roles and really helped me build my team from scratch and that can be a challenge in and of itself, particularly in telling a story. There was a candidate that I loved that um was not looking to leave his current job and would be taking a pay cut to take my job. Danae convinced him to take this role with ease. and he is still happy a year later, but I always was recruiting Danae to work for my team in particular because she's a great saleswoman.

Would you recommend SuperBloom's recruitment services to other hiring managers? If so, why?

Jessica Gagne: I would 1000 times over recommend working with Danae and MacKenzie on any of your recruiting needs. I have a different standard moving forward for working with a recruiting team hand in hand that I did not have previous to working with Danae and MacKenzie, I personally, as a hiring manager will use them for my, any need that I have in my current position because they are so poised professional, they're go getters, they're hard workers and I trust them. And I think that's the biggest thing that you can get from a working relationship with a recruiter is trust. I trust them to find the right candidates. I trust them to handle themselves in the best way in any situation that might be obscure or unique. I trust them to hire the right people, not just for the short term to fill the role, but for long term to find the right fit. Um, and would recommend them to anybody that I know.

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