Sophie Lopez - Creating Company Culture

January 31, 2024

Social Media Coordinator, Sophie Lopez, discusses what she loves about Sunrun, her team, and company culture.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sophie Lopez

What do you like about working for Sunrun?

Sophie Lopez: There are many things that I love about working for Sunrun, although I would say the most important thing to me is that I get to maintain my family dynamic. I get to be a stay at home mom to my daughter, and also work hard and pursue my career goals um and show her what it's like to be a hard working female. Um and you know, I just want to continue to climb and grow in this company because they have offered me something so beautiful, which is getting the best of both worlds.

What do you like about working on your specific team?

Sophie Lopez: there are so many things that I love about my specific team um there is not a single time in the day where you can't reach out to at least one of them for assistance if you need it and we are all there for each other if we need it and we all bring ideas to the table and bounce ideas off one another which I think worked beautifully um we each have so much going on in our lives, but really prioritize our work and customer satisfaction and our jobs are really important to us and I think it's so beautiful when you have a whole team working on something that matters so much to each one of them individually. Um My team lead, Kristen is so amazing and I really feel like in order to you know have it moving smoothly, you have to have a strong confident team lead, who is compassionate for her team members needs and that is most definitely her. Um and truthfully I I really give so much credit to our manager kenton because he hired all of us um and put us together on this team that just works so wonderfully together, so I really think that there are so many people to credit, but um truthfully I just love that we are all there to lean on one another and bounce ideas off of one another um and we each have strengths and weaknesses that I think work really well in harmony

What can we do on our teams and across marketing to create the best in class org/team culture in the company?

Sophie Lopez: um so while I obviously am only speaking from my viewpoint, um I really value appreciation and I work so hard for this company and I am so grateful to be a part of it and um you know, I think it's important for a company to also show appreciation towards the employees. Marketing is a wonderful field to work in. It's also a tough field to work in because um I think all of us are very dedicated and very passionate about our work. So even when I clock out for the day, my daughter just ruined a great recording, Sorry, even when I clock out for the day, I'm still thinking about my work and I think that that's really common amongst people in marketing. Um and so I really think just ways of showing appreciation. Um my manager kenton has sent us gift cards before to amazon at night, just that makes me want to work even harder um than I already do because you're getting this appreciation and you know, it's paying off and and you're you know, seeing and benefiting from all those things and the energy that you're putting into it. So, um yeah, I really just think like, acts of appreciation are something that can be done across the board um show I'll stop now to show the team members how important we are

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