Kristyn Bobka - Creating Company Culture

January 31, 2024

Social Media Coordinator, Kristyn Bobka, discusses what she loves about Sunrun, her team, and company culture.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kristyn Bobka

What do you like about working for Sunrun?

Kristyn Bobka: Hello. My name is Kristen Bobka. I've been with Sunrun for a little over two years and I like working for Sunrun and the solar industry because I believe that we can combat climate change. I feel good that what we are doing will positively impact future future generations. Um I also like the fact that Sunrun is consistently changing and evolving and it's been really great to be on the forefront of products like the ford charging station pro and the other um just forward thinking products. Um I think that my future with Sunrun is really bright because there is so much potential for job growth and just opportunity to move up in the company in general. Um I did a summer internship with Sunrun when I was in college and once I graduated with my degree with an emphasis in marketing, um I was hired back. Um I started with contract review and now I'm part of the social media team here at Sunrun when it first started. So it's really been a great opportunity to be a part of it.

What do you like about working on your specific team?

Kristyn Bobka: So I've been a part of this team since May and so far has been such a great experience for me. Um Kenny has really recognized my job skills and leadership and has made me team leader for this team. Um I've gained a lot of positive experience from this role by making the team schedule assisting and training new hires and just help standardize procedures. Um, I really like that Kenny makes time to meet with each of us individually and as a group and has allowed us to make suggestions or improvements. Um Our team has definitely has a lot to learn from his experience with social media. Um our team definitely positively impacts current Sunrun customers as well as potential Sunrun customers by demonstrating that we actively, we are actively listening to what they're saying and immediately responding to their complaints. Within one hour. Our response our kind knowledgeable and empathetic. We are very skilled at forwarding customer complaints and compliments to the appropriate department for follow up and I just think we have such a great team and I really look forward to seeing um the future for Sunrun

What can we do on our teams and across marketing to create the best in class org/team culture in the company?

Kristyn Bobka: So, to create the best in class culture, our team needs to continue to share honestly and dynamically. It's really important for us to push ourselves to respond immediately and be fully accountable to our team and customers.

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