Aulana Romero - Creating Company Culture

February 01, 2024

Social Media Coordinator, Aulana Romero, discusses what she loves about Sunrun, her team, and company culture.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Aulana

What do you like about working for Sunrun?

Aulana: Hi, my name is Aulana Romero and I'm a social media customer care coordinator here at Sunrun. What I like about working for Sunrun is how focused they are on the customer. You know, they really put a importance on our customers and doing what's right for them and really helping them enjoy the solar experience. And I also like how Sunrun puts a focus on employees. This is really the first time that I've worked for a company that is so focused on their employees and really just bettering the workplace for the employees, making sure employees feel that they are heard and have a great work life balance. And I think that's amazing. And also what I love about working for Sunrun is their focus on family. You know, because of Sunrun, I'm able to work from home with my son who's turning one next month and I don't miss a beat with him, but I'm also able to build a career with Sunrun because they put their trust in me to be an employee but also be a mom at home and really be able to focus on bettering myself while also bettering my son's life.

What do you like about working on your specific team?

Aulana: Hi, what I like about working on my specific team is the communication. You know, we had never physically met each other and we all work thousands of miles away and different time zones, but we just have great communication and everyone on the team is so willing to help one another and support someone with a customer. If we have questions, someone is there to lean on. And that has just been amazing. Also, our manager Kenny has been so supportive as well and welcoming in a journey as a new person and that that has been really incredible.

What can we do on our teams and across marketing to create the best in class org/team culture in the company?

Aulana: I think by continuing to include employees and uh new ideas that are coming up and decisions that need to be made for the teams and organizations to improve the quality. I think it's important and also um, showing employees that they are being heard and their work is being seen by possibly giving them MVPs to say, hey, you know, we see what you did with this customer and we, you really truly value how you approach the situation and we want to let you know like this has been seen and we truly appreciate it. I think that will continue to make employees want to work for the organization as a whole, and also for our teams.

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