Phillip Richards for Experience Survey

February 01, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Phillip R.

Why did you decide to go solar?

Phillip R.: So the question is why did I decide to go solar? Well um I was always paying uh large bills in the amount of around sometime $4 or $500. Um Especially during the winter time my bills were more coming like four or $500 on a monthly basis and I just got tired um of keep paying those bills so when I got introduced to Sunrun was amazing um I believe my sales rep was um Delilah, I think her name was from California and she spoke to me, we did all the paperwork, the necessary paperwork um kind of gave me a rundown of how much I would be looking at on a monthly basis. Um And it was it was great, we got it installed and I mean I started seeing the difference right away um and even with s rex that was amazing to be able to get s rex on a monthly basis, where I would then be able to um you know sell whatever access to back to the power grid. Um And that was amazing because then those srx were helping to offset whatever the bill that came in, so that was that was amazing. Um And during the summer months I mean from I believe around May to about september october, I got zero bills as it pertains to electric. Um You know I just have so much panels that I don't really pay um for electric of course PSE and g on the line so I pay a line charge and that's about it but I mean I I wouldn't I would not want to go back to not having solar panels on my house. That that is definitely not something I would do. Um And I would definitely recommend for someone who's thinking about it or thinking it's not for you. Um You have crazy bills. I would say solar is the way to go. I mean as it is right now, I would love to get the battery backup. Um That's my next thing to acquire the batteries um for battery backup. Um But I'm telling you, you can't go wrong with solar can't go wrong.

What smart home devices or technologies do you use or are interested in?

Phillip R.: The question is what smart home devices or technology do you use or are interested in? I mean I have a lot of smart home devices thermostat to like smart plugs too smart um cameras, I mean you know um to my um keypad for the doors, I mean I have a lot of smart home devices um and just operate them through my amazon echo dots, you know just arm in the system and just being able to tell Alexa to turn my thermostat down or up or switch it over from heat two cooling, so it's a pretty amazing thing, you know, I have vivid um So I would highly recommend if someone looking for a security system, you know, check out viven. They're pretty good.

What has your experience been like working with Sunrun and would you recommend going solar to friends and family?

Phillip R.: What has your experience been like working with Sunrun and would you recommend going solar to friends and family highly recommend um them to friends and family. Um, I've actually introduced it to multiple people. Um, and um, I believe some people have got um solar just because of um, how I explained it and use and why they should. Um, and I was introduced to, to, to Sunrun again um, by being a Costco member and someone just basically stopped me and I took the time to listen and that's how I was paired up with Delilah out there in Cali and um, it's been amazing. You know, I mean one major experience that I can remember um, a few years ago when um, my um diverter outside was busted and I remember I knew because I go in my, my monthly production every month to make sure look at the past years and see how the system and I just remember I believe was a year or two ago that it was just not, um, something was wrong, my productions, especially in the summer, normally I get to extracts um in the summer months and I remember some months I was getting zero and I was like, something is not right and you know, spoke to the management team and everything, they came out and they gave me a brand new, um, a brand new one and um, ever since that it's been working fine. So you know, pretty friendly people over there

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