Ro Sunrun Video Testimonial

January 31, 2024

Video Transcript

How do you celebrate Pride and what does it mean to you?

Ro (They/Them): Hey, all, I'm Ro Murdoch. I'm a Regional Sales Manager for Field Sales here in the Denver Metro Area and I am currently a little bit sunburnt on a hike outside of Breckenridge right now and this is how I celebrate pride. So we're up at about 12,500 ft. And the way that I celebrate pride is by making sure that I give myself the opportunity to take up space in nature. I think that in the past and even just recently, there have been lots of examples of folks not necessarily feeling welcome in nature. So I think it's super, super valuable to just carve out that space for ourselves as much as we can because queer people belong in nature just as much as anybody else does.

How can people make an impact this month and beyond to support the LGBTQ+ community?

Ro (They/Them): But beyond that, I think the things that folks can do to support the queer community right now, it always comes back to just awareness in day to day, you know, making sure that you are showing inclusion by including your pronouns and various bios and email signatures and things like that, introducing yourself during meetings with new groups of people, with your pronouns trying to make space for that as well. I think it's really valuable. Personally, I use them pronouns for context and the framing.

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