Marianne's Message for Customer Operations

January 31, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Marianne Grobbelaar

Marianne Grobbelaar: Hi everyone. I hope you have it a wonderful day. I am so excited to be a Sunrunner. I'm excited to share in the vision of creating a planet run by the Sun. And as the year started, I was thinking about and reflecting about our team's culture and share with you and setting the stage of the culture and the principles we're fostering within our teams. There's six of them. First of all, we love people, we treasure people and we treasure their talents. This means we hire and retain the best team members. We grow individuals for the future. We celebrate each other's successes and we're lifelong learners. Sunrun provides so many opportunities to learn on a professional and personal basis and just all the change that's happening continually. So first of all, we need to love our people because that provides a fantastic customer experience and that comes to, brings me to number two. We cultivate a customer first mindset. Sometimes even as a customer facing team, we don't have the customer at the center of our decision making. We deliver a stunning customer experience. We make decisions and solve problems with a customer at the center. We impact our customers and we leave that interaction with a happy customer. Number three, we drive results and we reward results at Sunrun. We have a pay and reward for performance culture. So we prioritize outcomes rather than processes. We reward individuals, not participation. We work smarter. We align with that corporate and team initiatives and by the way we have goals, we have metrics, we have scorecards, we have performance reviews, we have one on one discussions. That's just the way we do business with Sunrun and this may not be something that you like or where your value structure fit in. But this is the Sunrun way of business that brings me to number four, oh, this one is close to my heart, we embrace constructive straight talk and transparency. We have constructive feedback in the correct forums, we speak and justify justify through numbers and facts with less emotion, you know, when you take the emotion out of the situation and you actually step in the other person's shoes and you can help them understand your point of view that goes so much faster, but it takes work to do that. We praise in various forms and you know, we should call ourselves out on negative talk because that's not constructive, it's okay to feel what we feel, but then we bring that back to constructive place. Number five, we remain positive and solution oriented during change. Even during to change change, which there's a lot of here at Sunrun, you know, we take decisive and proactive action. I know there's a lot of change but we navigate and help our team members navigate through it quickly and positively. We take active part in the change and encourage our team members where we can help than. Then six, final but not least of all we break boundaries, we are not built to be just in a box. We collaborate with other teams inside and outside. Our organization were not painted in a box. We don't assume everything should fit in the box. And we're curious, we're curious to change things. We're curious to simplify things. Wanted to leave that with you today as we start this wonderful new year. I am super excited by a recent leadership meeting I attended last week. And here's some things I want to share with you about 2023.

Marianne Grobbelaar: 2023 is going to be an incredible year for us. And what are our leaders excited about number 1? We are becoming a very prominent storage company with all the changes in California and all the needs for our customers, storage is becoming much bigger factor and we need to get ready on all facets. This is the year for the technology revolution at Sunrun. Our technology teams have been working tirelessly to set foundations ready for this year. This year we are working on next gen CRM, we're working on the next generation article, we're working on releasing a much better phenomenal customer app and so much more. This year our technology team is going to build those foundations to take us to the next step of our processes and efficiency and customer satisfaction. We're going to crush customer experience. We already started the flywheel is in motion and we can do so much more. We're transforming our relationship with Ford in the sense of this is important, this is strategic and many of you that's on the front lines, working with Ford customers and experience the current teething pains and growing pains that we have. We're working very hard on eliminating those and creating a much smoother process for us and our Ford customers Simplifying everything. Now you might say Marianne "what, everything?" Yes, simplify that process, simplify that communication. Take out those many words simplify those knowledge articles and Karts so that we can decipher very quickly, simplify our QA program, simplifying the way we train everyone. Our reports. Getting to the crux of the most important things and everything else will come along. Smashing the fundamentals. And this made me think a bit about do we have the right fundamentals? Have the fundamental stray change underneath us while we are, you know, very, very diligently working towards our goals. We need to continuously stay back and say, are we current? Are we looking at the current fundamentals and go for them. Of course we have to do all of this. Yes. Having the bottom line in mind, we have to be a profitable company. These things are not mutually exclusive and it's actually a, you know, it's not a trade off. It's a false trade off. We have to do both. Then what about our culture and our team? Of course we want to create the coolest place to work and we're very working very hard on that and I need very much help on that. We want to make that step change in a performance culture. We're accountable. We get rewarded based on performance. We are a change making company in so many ways and we are and we're going to be and the people we surround ourselves with have grit, have smarts and have gratitude and I'm so grateful for all of you and the incredible deliverables, accomplishments, and change that you have weathered through 2022. And so I'm so proud of this team and you got this. We've got this in creating that wonderful culture and creating that experience with a customer is in the center of our universe. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and week. Bye for now.

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