Kathy Employee Testimonials

February 01, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kathy, Sr. Software Engineer

What does a typical day on the Tech Team look like?

Kathy: A typical day for me. I will start my day by checking my um calendar, uh email and select messages and then I will go start doing my development work. Usually at around 9:30 a.m. we would have a Scrum team stand up. It's a time that's friendly to my distribute team members. Um During the meeting, we will discuss what we will share our work. It does, it really helps us working as a team knowing where we are at and know what's next. Um Through the day, we will work independently yet collaboratively, we communicate with each other mostly through slack and lots of messages. But oftentimes we will also hop on a huddle where we will share our screen, have a face to face discussion. Usually that helps clarify matters a little faster and more fun to have some face time with your team member as well. Um A day is never dull for me at Sunrun Uh We use the modern technology stack so it's really fun and I feel that I always learn some new tricks and that the day can go by just that fast.

Why did you choose Sunrun?

Kathy: uh as a person I'm interested in green technology. So when I was looking for a new opportunity in January, my friend told me about, I was introduced to the hiring manager, Adam, we had a long chat and he gave me really good vibes about the company. He gave me a deep intro introduction about the team, the structure of the company and the technology um the team uses and it sounds really interesting. In addition, being full remote is something I really love. It helps me um with work life balance. Also driving less, definitely helps with the environment.

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