Leadership Message - Marianne Grobbelaar

January 31, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Marianne Grobbelaar

Marianne Grobbelaar: Hi team. I hope everyone is doing well. First of all, to all the mothers out there, mothers, aunts, whoever is taking care of children, growing them, coaching them. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day this last Sunday. So I would like to give a quick update on April. I know we're in the half of already in May, but there's a few things that's really interesting and very encouraging. First of all, we actually had fewer calls and contacts through tier one this last April than a year ago. 13% of our customer fleet, notably down from 19% a year ago. Our tier one calls were answered within 30 seconds. Our case management team's productivity went up from closing two cases in February to five. So we really right size the team and helped the team to be very successful by introducing most notably recently skill based routing. So depending on the type of case, the case is routed to the person who is best suited to address that issue with a customer. Remote fixes - so this is something completely new that we've leaned into. There's always been these, you know, 30-40 remote fixes we did a month but at this point in time, yesterday, in the middle of May, we were at 1,140 remote fixes compared to 433 last month. This is a half a million dollars equivalent of truck savings and truck rolls. Congratulations to the diagnostics team. Great work. The service backlog in April continued to drop to 4% and the aged cases, cases over 180 days, have also dropped below 10%. Our R&R team is extremely busy after all the rain and so forth there. Actually, their pipeline has increased with 5% and this team is really working very hard on getting their intake forms completed and any help needed there would be great. Our post-PTO design team that backlog is down 30% from January. Congratulations to that team. Now, we've been working hard. You may wondering what is driving the lowered call volume. Of course, when our backlogs are lower, more customers are getting their issues solved faster. We have fewer repeat calls coming in. We have also worked very, very hard. There's about 40 billing initiatives that were completed in the last nine months making it easier for our customers to understand, to drive out errors. And so we are seeing fewer customers calling in a few things that we're working on and we, we are listening to you. We're listening to our customers. First of all, I want to say thank you for Jess Forgey and her team and others that joined in with the appeasement pilot we are running. You'll see in the Customer Care blog, we are changing the way that we are responding to customers with a delay in service. We're not asking customers to wait until their service requests have been completed. Many of you have have brought this issue to us before and so we are running now with a pilot process. Go to read about it in the blog and I'm so excited about that. We've also heard that again, we need, we have different skill set within our case management team and that's why we've implemented the skill based routing. Getting the customer to the right person the first time very quickly that can solve the problem. I'm also excited to let you know that I've installed a new customer customer app. I'm part of the testing group and I have been testing away. There's great features on the app as well as some issues that we're working through. But again, that part where our customers, we really need to up our experience on the customer app for our customers.

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