PA Day 2022 Video

January 31, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Megan Lessard, Head of People Acquisition

What impact does the PA team have on Sunrun as a whole?

Jeanna Steele: Good morning People acquisition team Jenna Steel here, your chief people officer and head of legal, um, wanting to just thank you all for everything that you do every day to make Sun run a success hiring the right people is absolutely critical to that success. It's something that we report on to our board quarterly about not only, you know, keeping the ATO talent here, you know, preventing attrition, but also creating that pipeline of talent to regularly refresh, um, the folks that are here that are really making a huge difference for our customers and for our planet. So I just want to say again, thank you for everything that you do. You are so critical to our strategic plan. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Have a great week.

Megan Lessard: first Happy Global People acquisition day, Everyone, I'm so proud of this team and I'm really excited to celebrate with all of you today, uh, in terms of our impact to Sunrun as a whole. I mean wow, we have already hired over 8500 employees this year. Um, and that's really, you know, one of the primary things that you do, um, that helps support Son runs mission to create a planet run by the Sun. We have also made great strides in in supporting Son runs technology transformation. There's been some really key talent brought into the technology organization, um, as well as really great strides to our brand improvement and our candidate experience. Um, and I'm really excited to see us continue to, um, to improve that and to create um, create a brand and attraction that, you know that people are just coming in droves to work force on run because they are so excited to work for us and really happy about the improvements we've made to candidate experience and to our brand so far this year. In addition to all of that hiring

Can you share two truths & one lie? PA let's guess which one is not true!

Megan Lessard: Okay, team I've got my two truths and a lie. Let's see if you can guess them. Uh All right. The first, the first one I will eat almost any food. I'm not picky at all. It's my first one. I love scary movies, the scarier, the better. Number two. And I love to start up conversations with complete strangers. That's my number three. Which one do you think is? It is a lie. I'm excited to see if you get it right.

As we continue our journey as OneSunrun, what words of advice or encouragement do you have for us in PA?

Megan Lessard: alright. Words of encouragement or advice, you know, I've been thinking a lot about this over the past few days and and really what keeps coming to mind for me is is to be bold. Um I think that we have already been bold this year in terms of trying new things, but you know, really for all of us personally, I want to, I want to encourage all of you to, to try new ways of doing things, you know, to get yourself out there. Um you know, in all facets, whether or not that's, you know, just recruiting or your own personal development or or the way that you think, you know, you think about your career here at Sunrun, you know, would love to see us all really, really be innovative and bold as we round the corner into the last quarter of the year. Um and really just encourage you to think about trying new things and not get stale. So, you know, if you're recruiting for a role and you've already got your well oiled machine of a script or a way of doing things, you know, consider whether or not you can freshen that up and make some changes, um get with appear and see what they're doing and really just innovate and um I don't know about you, but that really gives me a ton of energy when I, you know, make small tweaks and and think about doing things in different ways. Um and then in terms of being bold with your own development, um you know, talk to your manager, come talk to me, you know, we want to know if you want to, if you want to do new things. I know we you know recently had a little mini check in and you know I really encourage you to have um intentional dialogues with your manager about about your own career. Um it's very important to me that you feel like this people acquisition team is a place where you can grow, gain new skills and continue to develop and just really encourage you to be bold to tell people about how you want to grow and you know to take that into your own hands and partner with the leadership here and people acquisition to help you, you know get where you want to go um and then you know just being bold in terms of you know, you know getting, getting yourself out there. Um one of one of my person of personal development goals in this last quarter of the year, um it's really network externally more. Um and to, you know, for me personally I want to try to get a speaking and engagement um and to you know get out there more on behalf of Sunrun and really encourage you all to do, do the same to be ambassadors to get, get our name out there, represent our brand um and yourself. Um and so I would just love to see all of us be a little bit more bold in Q four, so so join me in that goal and look forward to, um, talking about how we're doing there over the next few months. I have a great day, Happy people acquisition day.

Jeanna & Megan

The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority. - Kenneth Blanchard

All of the nature photos featured in the video were taken by our very own PA sunrunners!

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