Marianne's Message

January 31, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Marianne Grobbelaar, VP of Customer Experience

Marianne Grobbelaar: Hi team, I hope you're doing well. I cannot believe it, but this is our last or my last message to you in 2022. We're in the last stretch of the year. It has been an incredible year and I am so proud of this team. You have weathered so many changes and just to name a few, this team has, has had multiple leaders. We have changed the whole organization. We now have the customer experience operations team under Chance and we are moving the needle. We have developed key performance indicators and part of that we've actually changed your focus throughout the year. We tackled backlogs, learned new products, many of you have worked overtime during the week over weekends and so much more. I also want to thank our supporting teams, our training team, our project management team, our business intelligence and analytics teams. Our technology teams a lot has come together this year. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your commitment and your positive attitude throughout this change and still the impact you and this team have made. We can see that in our wonderful customer experience scores, we can see that going up. We see nps scores going up and it just means our customers are more delighted in each and every interaction we have with them. And so as we are getting to the end of 2022, of course we have already started to think about 2023 and I am just so excited about the year ahead of us. Four areas that we're going to focus on is first of all creating a motivating environment for our team to flourish. We are looking at ways to creating a better environment for our remote teams to work through incentive programs, Driving that far. Five star customer satisfaction score from 3.4, 2 above four points. That is by, we've already have some of our surveys revamped and re worked. We're going to revamp the others and to really drive that customer satisfaction score. We also like to be more productive and efficient. So with the teams we have, can we do more, can we drive faster turnaround times that really drives customer satisfaction and lower incoming calls. We're also going to be focused on strong cross functional relationships. There are many teams at Sunrun where we really need a very strong relationship to derive that customer experience and drive our improvements forward. Last of all, I'm so fortunate to be part of this team and I wish you a blessed holiday season and a happy new year. I hope you have precious time with your friends and family or whatever you are planning enjoy it. Take time to reflect, take time to set your own personal goals for next year and most of all be safe. Thanks for everything you have done and still to be done in 2023 and again, I wish you a wonderful holiday season bye!

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