Colton Pickup for Helping Others Increase Conversions

January 31, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Colton Pickup

What is the critical factor to successfully transition from a welcome call to installation for your deals?

Colton Pickup: Hey, what up street? This is Colton pickup coming at you from Fresno South, home of the farm, literally out here in the orange orchard today. It's a beautiful sight. Just really wanted to drop a quick insight for you to help you get your conversion rates higher. And really what's been working for me comes down to three things. First and foremost starts with a good greeting, a great meeting and a strong close. These steps help maximize your potential with each customer also setting proper expectations during the VC helps eliminate any confusion, doubts that the customer might have after you leave. So create value in the beginning really helps solve their problem and make sure you're likable, bring a positive impact to each homeowner because remember you are the golden ticket to get them from where they are to where they need to be. Um, when throughout the CAP process, make sure you bring a hug and not more baggage. So if they do need an upgrade, make sure it's a positive upgrade, right? Um Don't make it sound like it's going to put a burden on them because most homeowners are already busy enough and make sure that they know that you're the guy or you're the girl that's gonna be taking care of them and doing that in the best way possible. Lastly is to stop selling and start closing. Salesmen are generally pushy, uh, scammy and bring snake oil. I like to close. Basically. What that means is the homeowner is going to be thanking you for your time, right? They're gonna be asking when the panels can be installed and then they're gonna flood you with referrals. Ok. So closing isn't something you do for something. Closing is something you do for somebody. So make sure you're taking good care of them in the best way possible because it'll go a long ways for that homeowner and it'll get you to install. That's all I got.

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