Solar Sales Advisor Employee Testimonials

February 01, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kaylee, Solar Sales Advisor, Sunrun

How has Sunrun helped you grow professionally?

Hala: Sunrun has helped me grow professionally in so many ways. Before walking into this job, I've had that little sister mentality and you know, um I have three older brothers, so they've always took care of me, but walking into this, I definitely elevated myself by, you know, creating an environment for myself that this is it, this is what I'm gonna do, and this is how I'm gonna help myself grow. Um I became that boss, I taught myself how to be that boss by helping other people by stepping out of my comfort zone by presenting by doing thing that I don't do on a normal basis and you know, the old me compared to now are just two different people and someone definitely definitely made an impact in my life in that sense. But professionally, I definitely see myself differently. Um I see myself as a future boss here at Sunrun. Um I will be making different changes every day as much as I can do anything that comes in my mind. I'm I'm I'm speaking on it and I want to make a difference for my peers and also for the future customers here at center

Dylan : you know, someone really has helped me grow professionally immensely. When I first started his son run, I was very cautious, I wasn't super confident myself and honestly when I again, some of my first teams, I was usually at the bottom of the scoreboard and it was hard for me, but I really wanted to improve and my supervisors and my coaches and key way really helped me to see the things I could change and now how I could be a better advisor and they helped me to be more confident in myself, you know, not only in my job, but also just in life in general, right? And they helped me to be more positive and I really credit again, like all of the success that I've seen at Sunrun to my previous supervisors, because they're the ones who really helped me to come out of my shell and to become the advisor that I really wanted to be at Sunrise.

Kaylee: I would say that Sunrun helped me grow professionally, mostly just by totally taking me out of my comfort zone. Like this was a job. I had never done anything like this before. I had never had a phone job, I'd never worked on a dialer. I wasn't even necessarily super comfortable on the phone. Um and it really pushed me to build new skills and build some confidence and really kind of trust myself and take a leap of faith. Management was absolutely incredible about helping me find my voice and helping me find that confidence and helping me kind of build my skills on the phone. Um and overall, just the opportunity in itself, I've never had a company that I've worked for that I felt could be my lifelong career, that I wanted to be my career. I feel like it is a company that can take me anywhere that I want to go, and I'm excited to see where it takes me next.

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