Russell Poley for Employee Testimonial

January 31, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Russell Poley

How long have you been with Sunrun?

Russell Poley: I have been with sunrun since November 15, so about 5.5 weeks now.

How do you explain what you do for work to someone who is totally unfamiliar with solar?

Russell Poley: I just tell people that I get to walk around and enthusiastically talk to people about solar.

What do you love about working at Sunrun?

Russell Poley: There are several things about Sunrun that I just love. I believe in what we're doing. I believe in greening the planet and sequestering carbon out of the atmosphere. And I just love the way Sunrun supports everybody, the customers, the employees, everybody.

What are you proud of achieving in 2022?

Russell Poley: I just started with sun runs, so I don't have a whole lot going on in 2022. But I'm very proud of the fact that I've been able to transition from my prior career into a career in solar, and um, it's been just a terrific experience for me.

What are your goals for 2023?

Russell Poley: So by the numbers, I'd love to average three sits or appointments a day. And beyond that, I would love to be able to meet my goals and my obligations in my private life, which I know that being successful at Sunrun will certainly help me achieve.

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