Roy Pentecost for Employee Testimonial

January 31, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Roy Pentecost

How long have you been with Sunrun?

Roy Pentecost: Based on Runners, Roy Pentecost here, um, I've been with Sunrun for officially six years, technically seven. Um, I was a canvasser for a legacy company, um, to set up appointments back in 2014, 15 and then in the beginning of 2016 became a project coordinator. Um, halfway through that year, I got into the FSC position and since then just slinging solar every day.

How do you explain what you do for work to someone who is totally unfamiliar with solar?

Roy Pentecost: actually get this question a lot being from Tennessee where residential solar really is few and very far between. Um depending on the engagement, sometimes I just tell people, hey, I'm in sales. Other times I help educate and let people know, hey, there are utility companies out there um that allow you to back feed energy into the grid, good credit for it. Um, so then that way solar for a resident actually is a lot more financially beneficial um than just having solar in a battery for uh, you know, backup purposes in the case of a power outage um with it, you know, let people know that we help people, you know, people save the environment while also saving money. Um, but just depending on who they are, I'll generally ask them more questions instead of just give them a direct answer, um, you know, trying to find out what exactly they know. So then that way I can help out

What do you love about working at Sunrun?

Roy Pentecost: what don't I love working here at Sunrun. Um, I mean, honestly right now, just having a kid, uh, last year. Um, it would be the paternity leave. Um, it's amazing. I talked to people and say, hey, I'm going on paternity leave through, you know, through Sunrun and they're like, your company gives you that. Um, and I tell them, yeah, they give me eight weeks and they all just seem shocked besides employees getting treated very fairly and you know, a lot of benefits coming to us. I also love the benefits that we give to the people that we help go solar right? Um, giving people an option to get off of, um, you know, like a large scale monopoly, like Excel or you know, really just seeing the financial benefit of why clean energy is better than where they're currently sourcing it. It's just a real thrill and it's a big benefit and a big boost of, you know, the passion that we all hopefully bring, um, to our work.

What are you proud of achieving in 2022?

Roy Pentecost: Most proud achievement of 2022 man, um, All of my installs all the happy customers. All the referrals I've been personally handed to by customers, happy with their decision to make the switch to solar. Um, but hands down April 1, 2022. My little daughter was born, so we have another future son, runner in are making right now.

What are your goals for 2023?

Roy Pentecost: Man 2023 goals, um, besides my goal every year, which is to always get better at this craft. Um, you know, perfections and endless road. And so there's always a way we can improve ourselves. I'd have to say my goal is to data mine and close at least one person that everyone on my team has met with and be able to actually get them to go solar, Just little bragging rights.

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