Reyna Employee Testimonial

January 31, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Reyna, Inside Sales Consultant , Sunrun

What does a typical day look like?

Reyna: a typical day for me at Sunrun is being on the phone a lot. I work in the add ons department so I speak with people who already currently have solar, but maybe something's changed as far as their electricity usage in the home that's caused them to use more power, such as an electric vehicle. Maybe it's a new baby or somebody has moved into the home or maybe it's as simple as the utility rates have gone up. So based on looking at their current utility statement, I assess what the needs would be and what it would look like to add a new solar system to the home. So the conversation with the customer is usually re educating them on solar, how it works. And ultimately I just want everyone to feel heard and feel like they're really excited about adding more power and saving money on electricity and

Why did you choose Sunrun?

Reyna: Why did I choose Sunrun? Well, first of all, thank you Sunrun for choosing me. This has been the most incredible journey, The best decision that I've ever made. Working for Sunrun has changed my life in so many ways I could go on forever. But since day one I just knew that this was the right fit. I love coming to training every day and learning about the company was so organized and there's just such a simple process but I love really learning about our core values and my favorite one that resonated with me the most was how we're a company that focuses on being human centered. So what that means to me is that you get to come to work and just be yourself and I love that I get to come to work and just be myself and it's encouraged

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