Erika Arroyo for Employee Testimonial

January 31, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Erika Arroyo

How long have you been with Sunrun?

Erika Arroyo: I've been with sunrun since June of 2021.

How do you explain what you do for work to someone who is totally unfamiliar with solar?

Erika Arroyo: When I described my job to somebody who's unfamiliar with solar, I like to tell them that my company is trying to help create a planet run by the sun instead of burning coal for the electricity in our homes, we get to harness the power of the sun. When I explain this to my two and five year olds, I like to point out all of the train cars full of coal and tell them that mommy is helping get rid of those.

What do you love about working at Sunrun?

Erika Arroyo: I love working at Sunrun because at the end of every day I truly feel like I've made a difference. Not only are we helping clean up the planet, but I have phenomenal work life balance where I can spend time with my family and the financial freedom that Sunrun has provided me. I'm forever grateful for.

What are you proud of achieving in 2022?

Erika Arroyo: I'm proud that in 2022 I earned two tickets to circle of excellence I created and executed and annual plan. I earned more money than I have any other time in my life, and I was able to do all of this without making sacrifices to my family.

What are your goals for 2023?

Erika Arroyo: My goals, for 2023 are to earn two tickets to circle of excellence surpass $300,000 in income and to devise a plan to unlock my potential for self jet business.

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