Deborah WHM Employee Testimonial

January 31, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Deborah, Women's+ ERG Chair, Sunrun

Deborah: Hi, my name is Deborah Kaplan and I'm assistant general counsel on the legal team at Sunrun. To me, women's History Month means a number of things. First, it's a reminder to be grateful for the people who over time and around the world have worked so hard to improve women's rights, equality and access to opportunity and justice. Second, it's a time to learn and reflect on what more can and should be done. Number three, it's a time to celebrate women's achievements of all kinds. And finally, it's a time to remind oneself to support women and girls in all manners to ensure that we don't lose the progress we've made and to keep making progress for ourselves and for future generations.

How does Sunrun create a safe space to be your authentic self?

Deborah: Someone creates a safe space to be my authentic self by having great people who are comfortable being open and embracing different opinions. It creates a safe space by having multiple employee resource groups where folks share their experiences and offer support and resources to one another. Finally, it creates a safe space by virtue of its executive female leadership who are authentic and open themselves, which empower women at all levels of the company to do the same.

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