Carrie Employee Testimonial

December 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Carrie, Energy Consultant, Sunrun

Why did you choose Sunrun?

Carrie: at some type and I was actually working at the Costco um and I was working with the different vendor and I saw Sunrun and I really intrigued me. I liked how um you know, you had the ipad and it was interactive, you have to talk to people so I applied and I really enjoyed the fact that you are helping people with their home, you are helping people with their money and um you know, it's an important thing. I've done a lot of different, like I said, lead generations, but never something as important as solar and you know, can really change their lives. And that really struck a chord with me uh to have something so impactful

What are your three favorite aspects of your role as an Energy Consultant?

Carrie: So three aspects I really love about my role is that I love people and I get to talk to people all day. And my favorite thing is to make connections and rapport with people and I get a chance to do that and it feels so good when you have that same customer come back to you and say they love their system. That's the best feeling in the world, like I love that, I love the conversations I have with people, I'm really getting to know them. Um so that's number one, and the second is I love the fact that I can be creative, I can have fun, like I get to do this role the way you know, I want to and you know, make the most out of it and kind of like figure out different ways to have an engagement and use my own creativity for that and that's super fun. You know, there's not a lot of jobs you get to have that much fun with. Um so I just have a ball, especially if you're at a Costco, you can really kind of play and it's it's super fun. Uh and the third thing would be just, you know, the personal growth I've had with this role. Um it's not always easy, but you're able to find your own resiliency and find what makes you tick and what motivates you and you know, it's it's, you can grow on this professional level, but also at a personal level and there's

What you love most about your team at Sunrun?

Carrie: I love that our manager really keeps us together. Um she's very supportive and she's always, you know, very willing to help. And I know that if there's something she will take care of it on the technical side, she's always, you know, right on it and helpful and she really brings our team together and helps us keep us training and you know, keeps us fresh in, you know, learning new things and kind of really ties in that support system for us. And it just it's really important to me to have a leader that's going to give you that positive energy and that micromanage and just, you know, no, you know, lets you do what you do well, but also guide you, which is sometimes a hard balance, but she does it so well. So I really love that about my team

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