Noah Sexton's Sunrun Experience in Vermont

February 01, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Noah S.

How has your experience with Sunrun been?

Noah S.: I like it because it's saving me money. And also it makes me feel good because we're helping do some good for the environment. Very happy. We went solar and I'm happy went to Sunrun because from the beginning installation and any problems with customer service, everything has been fantastic and it's just been a good experience all the way around. I recommend it to everyone.

What would you say to somebody considering solar?

Noah S.: My experience with Sunrun from the beginning to the finish, the present has been fantastic. From the representative that explained everything to us. The installation process was amazing. Crew came in. Everything was done that day. All the paperwork had been taken care of and any questions we had, customer service has been fantastic. I do recommend it to everyone that I talk to. It's like I'm almost working as a salesman trying to recommend Solar and especially Sunrun.

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