Hayden Bryson for Who does what in Sunrun

February 06, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Hayden Bryson, Homeupgrades Electrification Manager.

Could you share a few details about your department's daily activities? What role does your department play in the customer journey?

Hayden Bryson: So home upgrades is exactly what it sounds like we go out and we upgrade people's homes. We do that by either re roofing their home or doing things like main panel upgrades, uh, all with the goal of getting solar on the roof as quickly and efficiently as possible. Um, in other words, we are a general contractor that lives inside of Sunrun.

What other teams/departments does your team rely on to get things done?

Hayden Bryson: So in home upgrades, we mostly rely on the design and construction planning team just because they are the step before us. So the construction planners and design team are the ones calling out and writing down the scope of work for us to actually go out and perform that work prior to solar. So if I had to say anybody that we rely on, it's going to be the construction planners and design team.

How does your team work with the Escalations and Prevention team? Or What have you done to prevent escalations in your department?

Hayden Bryson: So to be honest we hope we don't have to work too closely with the escalations and prevention team, but unfortunately that's not always going to be the case. Um construction is a very imperfect business and there are things that you don't know are going to go wrong until they actually go wrong. However, we are very good at getting on top of these escalations and making sure that we fix them in a timely manner because these escalations are only going to get worse the longer they sit there. And so if you can reach out to whoever your home upgrades electrification manager is in the area, we take those escalations very seriously because we don't want to escalate them further. So reach out to us directly. We will do our best to get somebody on that escalation day of and we will come up with a solution for you as quickly as possible.

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