Megan Foster - Xevant

November 16, 2023

Megan Foster from Xevant shares her experience working with Summit Technology.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Megan Foster, Director, People Ops, Xevant

Please describe a time when the Summit Technology team helped you?

Megan Foster: Summit helps me on a weekly basis, whether it be with computer issues, technical questions or helping us set up email addresses. They're always here to help. Recently, they've actually helped us, helped us put together an onboarding guide for our new employees that they're able to set up their computers without much help from anyone here at Xevant.

How would you describe Summit Technology in a few words?

Megan Foster: I would describe Summit as very easy to work with. They're always willing to help us look into our questions into our requests. They're very knowledgeable. They almost always have a solution to our problems and then they're very pleasant to work with. So every person I've ever talked to at Summit or every person I've worked with to help solve our problems They've been super pleasant to work with great attitude. They, they're always interested in you personally. It's just, a really great experience working with them.

How is Summit Technology different from other technology partners you have worked with?

Megan Foster: Other technology partners that we've used in the past have not been as responsive as Summit. Even when there is a solution that might take a little bit longer for them to get to, they're gonna continuously keep us up to date without dropping the ball and just forgetting about it. They're very good about keeping us in the loop about where projects are and if there's any roadblocks, what's, what's holding them up. So it's great.

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