Jake Jensen - The Bark Spot

December 05, 2023

Jake Jensen - The Bark Spot - Q4 2023 - Video

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jake jensen, Operating Partner, The Bark Spot

Please describe a time when the Summit Technology team helped you?

Jake jensen: Like to take a second, say how happy I am with Summit Technology. They did a wonderful job for us at The Bark Spot. We're a dog grooming and boarding facility. They provided for us for access controls. They put in some of the ProDataKey doors and door locks and they ran all the cabling and did everything for our Wi-Fi and phone systems as well. Their customer services team was really easy to work with. They're really on top of the ball and they asked all the right questions and all that allowed us to make the best business IT decisions possible to help us run our facility to its maximum capacity. So like I say, thanks to the Summit team and all that they did, and we're certainly gonna use them in the future. I'd recommend them to any business that has IT needs.

Jake jensen: The Summit Technology team greatly helped us with our build of The Bark Spot up here in Logan, Utah. It's a dog grooming and boarding facility and they helped us by asking all the right questions. As far as what we needed for our phone systems, our cabling and our Wi Fi as well as the access controls for the doors. They did a great job with their customer service is really, really good at reaching out to you and helping you solve the problems that you need solved.

How would you describe Summit Technology in a few words?

Jake jensen: I would describe Summit as very helpful, very capable, and very eager to see your IT process through till the end.

How is Summit Technology different from other technology partners you have worked with?

Jake jensen: Summit Tech is different than other companies because I feel that they have a greater handle on all of the products that they're serving. On top of that, they have a greater variety of products that they do give. And it's not just a plug and play thing. They're really good at catering to your very specific needs.

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