Carli McConnell Audio Testimonial

November 10, 2023

Carli from WCB

Video Transcript

Speaker: Carli McConnell, Executive/Accounting Assistant/ Property Manager, Wasatch Commercial Builders, LLC

Please describe a time when the Summit Technology team helped you?

Carli McConnell: I work from home. And when I decided that that's kind of the route that I was going to go in order to stay with Wasatch Commercial Builders, Summit helped me to set up my station and to be able to work efficiently and effectively, they are very courteous and made sure that they taught me so that if I had any problems, I would be able to remote up into my employees computers to help them with any troubleshooting that they may have. I've always been impressed with how fast and courteous they are in providing any help that I ask.

How would you describe Summit Technology in a few words?

Carli McConnell: Summit Technology is a very fast and educational company. They, they have employees that know how to use their software and other software that an average person wouldn't know how to use. So they're very quick to be able to learn and teach and keeping constant communication with me.

How is Summit Technology different from other technology partners you have worked with?

Carli McConnell: Summit Technology is different from other technology companies that I've used in the fact that I'm not just a number to them. They know who I am. They know my situation and are more like friends. I know I've asked several of them how their personal lives are and they've asked me as well and I feel like they're not just a company but that I have friends there.

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