Carli McConnell Video Testimonial

November 10, 2023

Carli McConnell from Wasatch Commercial Builders

Video Transcript

Speaker: Carli McConnell, Executive/Accounting Assistant, Wasatch Commercial Builders LLC

Please describe a time when the Summit Technology team helped you?

Carli McConnell: I have been working with Summit Technology for seven years now and I've been the go to person at Wasatch Commercial Builders. With any it questions that they may have. I've been setting up computers and helping get everything coordinated with new employees and Summit has been outstanding to work with during the process. Typically, I'll take a computer to Summit and they'll reconfigure it and erase whatever old data was on there that's not needed. And they call back in a timely manner and say that it's ready for pickup and everything that I've done with Summit has been fantastic. I know them all by name. They all know me when I call in and they're friendly and personable and always complete anything that I have questions on or need help with. I'm thoroughly impressed with Summit and will continue to use them and fight for them for our company to use because the ease of getting things done is so seamless. So I I definitely recommend Summit Technology.

How would you describe Summit Technology in a few words?

Carli McConnell: Summit Technology is a very friendly and motivated company to work with. They they're always helpful and quick to respond back or have questions. They'll reach out to me and provide good feedback and solutions.

How is Summit Technology different from other technology partners you have worked with?

Carli McConnell: Summit definitely has it made with the employees being friendly and courteous. I've worked with several other companies and although they're they're also friendly and courteous, they don't know me by name or my situation. As you can tell, I work from home and someone has been through it all with me in setting it up and making it so that it's doable and helping me prove a point that you can work successfully at home. I really value the fact that they know who I am. They know what my role is in the company and they're friendly to work with and very intelligent. So they're definitely a a top notch IT provider.

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