Loraine Martinez Bellamy for LUXE Lifer Testimonial Videos

November 10, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Loraine Martinez Bellamy, Life & Business Coach

How would you describe your physical and emotional health BEFORE learning the Stop. Dieting. Forever. process?

Loraine Martinez Bellamy: Before starting S. D. F. I was a new mom, so I felt worn out, a little burnt out before becoming a mom, I was pretty active. But I also had a history of just start stop dieting, like I would go really hard to get in shape for a vacation, a wedding, whatever was going on, and then I would retreat back to my old habits and despite being a life and business coach, I just never put two and two together that my thoughts and the energy I was bringing to my health to the process of getting healthier was affecting the results I was seeing. So it was always just like an up and down and then once I became a mom, I just didn't have the energy to care about like a restrictive eating plan or working out six days a week. Like I just did not have the energy for it, especially during the pandemic, juggling working my business, my new baby. So I knew there had to be something else out there to help me reach my goals. And that's when I found SDF.

What result have you gotten from following the process?

Loraine Martinez Bellamy: Following the SDF process, I have lost and kept off 18 pounds and I called the first month of SDF witchcraft and sorcery because I was just so blown away that spending 20 minutes in the morning putting my thoughts on paper planning out my day. I was so shocked that that would help me lose weight without changing anything else. I really wanted to give Jennifer's process like a controlled experiment when I first did it and I said I'm not going to change anything else that I've been doing or that I am doing. I'm just going to deliberately spend time in the morning in my journal, in my SDF workbook, doing the prompts, planning my meals and see where it goes and just by spending that time in the morning downloading the thoughts I was having about the process, about myself, about my body, about weight loss in general. Um That helped me, I think I lost £6 in the first month um and then onwards from there. So the focused the focused attention I had been giving to specific workout, specific food, low carb in the past, I just like gathered all that energy and gave it to my mind in the morning um and ended up getting better results and the best result of all is being able to maintain that weight loss without huge effort. A lot of the things that helped me get there became habits are part of my lifestyle now and I don't even think twice about it. So now I go on on vacation, I go on trips abroad, I have busy, crazy weeks with my family and my weight. still, it stays the same because I'm so geared and I'm so tuned into what's happening in my mind, so it's been life changing.

Why is this weight loss process different from a diet?

Loraine Martinez Bellamy: I think the biggest difference is that Jennifer is not going to give you a set out plan even though in the first month your brain will be like, am I doing it right? What am I supposed to be doing? What sets this program apart is that it's so you focused. And I remember in my first month thinking of what jennifer said about bio individuality and realizing that that healed so many of the thoughts, the negative thoughts and feelings. The resent that I had with diets in the past with it not working for me, but my friend loses 20 pounds and the same with the same effort and time and kind of like the resent that builds up after years of trying to reach that goal weight. That you've been desiring. The concept of bio-individuality tells you that you're we're all different people, right? So maybe the next person can't eat pizza on Fridays and still lose weight, but maybe you can, maybe they can have wine. Maybe you need to cut back. So you're constantly experimenting with yourself. It's just you with Jennifer, support with the support of the community, with your journal, really paying attention and working with your body. There are certain habits that will come very easily to you and there are others that will be harder. How can you make the process of reaching your forever weight and living your life in the present, just go together, right? So what was important to me in becoming a Mom was that I would never have to sacrifice like a core memory or you know, make my family feel weird because I'm not eating ice cream or I don't want pizza, I don't want that stuff in the house, like I didn't want any type of restriction on my life as a mom and that, that was really the driving force, I knew how to lose weight, not eating carbs, I knew how to lose weight, eating only 1200 calories, I knew how to lose weight like spending two hours in the gym a day, five times a week, like I knew how to do all that, what I wanted to learn is how can I enjoy my life and not miss any of the fun parts of it and still be healthy and still move toward my forever weight and still feel good in my body and that's what Jennifer delivers, It's a very individualized program that's gonna help you learn yourself, learn your body, learn what works for you and also help you learn how to challenge yourself and, and and grow without any feelings of self loathing or shame, which is in a lot of ways what the diet industry is based on the, you know, the normal, traditional mainstream diet industry is it prays on your feelings of shame and your feelings of not enough-ness and that's not at all what happens in SDF, it's the complete opposite, it's about being more you about loving yourself more, no matter where you are right now and then growing from that place

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